Wednesday, October 20

Wednesday, October 20, 2010... Wahoo! What a Day Today Has Been......

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Today was a really good day for Jiri and Erika, our friend's from Slovakia. They came up this morning and closed on a really nice 12 acre plot of land in Earlton. We went to the closing with them for moral support and afterward, we all celebrated at the Hollow Brook Restaurant, enjoying lunch with a toast to the couple's health and future happiness with a nice glass of wine. They plan to sell their house in New Jersey and retire to a log house on their new parcel in the next few years. We can hardly wait to have them build their house and move in. What a great couple!

Vick and Lynda are starting a new business called, "Two Recycled Chicks". It is a totally green business that utilizes only recycled materials to produce their crafts and wares. They will be selling these items at both craft sales and at "Witt's End Flea Market and Antiques", located at 238, county route 411 in Greenville, NY.
I will also be developing a web site for them to sell from, using shopping cart capabilities, which will utilize Pay-Pal as a means for instant on-line payment. They will be able to package items and print shipping labels to place on the packages and pop them into the mail, sending items to their customers in a safe, secure and simple process.....
Saturday is the Baptist Church Market Day in Greenville. Vick, Lynda and Judy will be selling their products there. It will be Vick and Lynda's debut, which will kick off their new partnership. They have been producing products for the last two months in preparation. Judy will be selling her jams, soaps, candles and jewelry under her brand name of "Razzberry Raccoon".

We have finished winterizing the new barn, with the exception of the screened door to the chicken coop and the one bunny brothel window.
Possibly...tomorrow, we will install the vinyl on the small duck and chicken barn to complete that coop. Once that is done, we will only have to break out the heated water buckets to finish up the entire winterization of the farm, but that will not have to be done until we get into the freezing period of winter. Until then, we will continue to use the trusty old water buckets we used all spring, summer and fall.

Jeeze Um... We still need to install fender washers and screws in the leaf guard cover on the pool, install the cover plate over the skimmer assembly, remove the pump/filter assembly and plug the eyeball socket to finish winterizing the pool. That will be a chilling experience, only made better if the water is first drained below the skimmer level, so I don't have to have my hands immersed into cold water to install the screws in the cover plate. Nothing lost by draining water out, because by spring, the pool will again be overflowing from winter rains and snow.

I never thought I would ever look forward to winter, when all you can do outside is the bare necessities, such as feeding and watering the animals, but both Vick and I are now considering it a winter resting period, where we can stay inside. She will read and paint.....I will read, write and publish my books. What a pleasant thought!!

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