Saturday, November 27

Saturday eve, Nov. 27th... Run, Run, Run...That's all we get done.....

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The last several days were crazy! We got nothing accomplished, had a day of Lyme's reaccuring aches and pains, or did things needing done that weren't noteworthy enough to post...even if we had the time and energy to do it.....We've been going to bed worn out and beat and getting up tired the next morning.
Today we went to Tannersville to the Christmas Bazaar at the fire house. It was a fun day....lots of people came through and bought enough to make it a worthwhile day. I sold one of my books to a young lady that wants to write poetry and publish her own book and I was quite an inspiration to her. I offered to help her publish if she needed it. Vick sold six of her art prints.......five to one lady and one to the mayor of Tannersville. We sold a bunch of maple syrup, but little else, so we were actually happy when four O'clock rolled around and we could come home. We started out at six O'clock this morning, so we're ready to cease and desist for the day. Our friend Judy went with us and she sold a bunch of her jellies and soaps, but she was ready when closing time came too. We will now take care of the animals and pick her up to go for dinner at Paul's in Coxsackie.....Sounds like pizza or something good after a long day. When we get home, I'll be ready to relax a bit and sleep until tomorrow, when I can then get back to building in the gift shop. Maybe after tomorrow, I'll have some pictures I can post. I promised that earlier in the week, but didn't get to do anything to take pictures of! Maybe tomorrow I can.

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