Sunday, November 28

Sunday, November 28, 2010...Some Progress Made In The Gift Shop...A Little...

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We made little progress in the gift shop and tomorrow, we're going to Greenwich for maple syrup, so there will be little done tomorrow either. We did install some cement board in the stove corner and cut the hole in the wall and installed the thimble for the stove pipe. If we get back in time tomorrow, we'll install the wall stand and insert the horizontal pipe into the building, seat the tee and install the upright sections of the double walled insulated pipe and top cover. We can then install the black single pipe inside the building. It would then be ready for the first fire to be built in it. We're really excited to finish it and get it burning, but we want everything to be just right before then. Vick and Linda will install the wall tile behind the stove and we can still run the LP heater we were using today. Almost all the ceiling insulation is installed. Our friend Donna came over to help and installed the biggest lot of the ceiling insulation. It looks great and really helps to retain the heat much better now. I don't know for sure how many more pieces have to be installed to finish it, but it isn't a lot....that's for sure.
After the ceiling insulation is completed, we need to finish installing the wall insulation and call for the inspection. After that, we are free to install all the wall coverings and build the counter and install the computer and printer to use the QuickBooks program for Hospice...... I'll guarantee pictures of the finished stove piping and insulation soon. Partial pictures aren't that impressive or interesting anyway.......
Vick is feeling under the weather, so I am taking care of her now...instead of the usual other way around..... I think she was too close to some germ magnet at one of the functions we've recently attended. All you need to do is they cough without placing their hand over their mouth as they spew germs and spit everywhere without concern for those around them. Kids are the worst.....going to school and exchanging germs as though they were collector's cards. People...PLEASE... cough or sneeze into your handkerchief.....spare us your cold!
Jeeze Um.....I don't feel that spiffy myself.....but then, what's new with that?

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