Monday, November 29

Monday, November 29, 2010... Some Things...Errr...People Never Change......

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I had a little free time this morning while waiting to leave for Vermont and Washington County for maple syrup, so as I sipped my coffee, I was looking at blogs and writings of several people and came to one I particularly loath......yet still read. I guess I still read it because I cannot believe how easily he pulls the wool over everyone's eyes and continually use people for his own matter the circumstances. It could be a family's worst or saddest time, yet he boldly barges in and takes pictures and writes about it, capitalizing on their grief and heartache. He is the most despicable person I've ever met! I say this, even though Vicki and I are quite hospitable and friendly, even to people we wish to keep at a distance......still reveling the chance to embrace them with decent friendship. When I see this particular person on the street or at an event, I change direction and go the other way, so as to completely avoid talking or dealing with this low life parasite at all.
He is a published author and quite well known, but complains about his notoriety and wants everyone to leave him alone. I suggest the world do just that...avoiding him and his literary works. Anyone who wants the world to purchase his writings and photographs... at a substantial cost... while usually blatantly using other peoples bad luck......capitalizing on stories and pictures of dying relatives...or their loss of a lifelong, hard earned property, through bank foreclosures, is an outright, sick person. He has no right to privacy! No more than he afforded those he has exploited for monetary gain. Usually I live by the belief and statement of Vicki's first husband, Carl. "Let them live and be well..." Somehow I cannot grant this one despicable person that same wish. What I will wish him is the peace and tranquility of an unknown person, who sells nothing, has nothing or no one and knows not a soul. Give him his wish to be left alone. Sorry.

As I mentioned earlier, we are heading for Washington County for maple syrup which people seem to want for Christmas gifts. It is a really intelligent way to give a person a Christmas gift they can use and enjoy...unlike an ugly polka dot tie or a Chia pet. I guess we'll pick up some cheese if we have enough orders. I don't know what Vick has in mind. We'll stop at Lowe's on the way home and grab a 12" double insulated six inch stove pipe extension for the gift shop. We should grab two thirty degree elbows to clear the roof overhang too. I don't know if they have them though. We'll see if we can get by without them....I hope.
If we get home early enough today, we can finish the stove installation and fire it off for the first time to see how well it heats. That will be exceptionally neat!
Hopefully, we will have something to take pictures of! HOPEFULLY!!!!!

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