Tuesday, November 30

Tuesday, November 30, 2010... The Ceiling Insulation Is Done...So Were We...

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Today I went to pick our friend Donna up so she could finish the ceiling insulation in the gift shop. She started at 9:15 and was finished at 1:15 and did a pretty good job. It looks great. Vick and I, on the other hand, didn't fare as well. We had a doctors appointment around two O'clock to review our blood work. All's well that ends well.....so they say, but you always have to loose weight to keep em all happy.
We went to GNH and called all over the place to find a 9" extension pipe in 6" Dia. for the tee and should have an insulated plug for the bottom, but didn't find one. We'll worry about that later..... anyway no one had anything shorter than 24" in stock, so we ordered the 9" pipe at @50.00 and a 30° offset elbow kit for a mere $210.00 from GNH. Their prices were about as good as they get, considering the on-line prices had to have shipping added to them when it was all said and done, so we decided to buy local. Tomorrow we go to Schenectady to pick up Vick's art prints so we can matt them from the next craft show. We need to pick up glass and matting for at least three or four more of Vick's pictures, because she will be displaying about ten to twelve at The Bank of Greene County on Monday. She will remove pictures from the National Bank Of Coxsackie and move them over to Bank of Greene County for a month or so.....whatever "All Arts Matter" decides.... since they arrange for the art work displays for both banks.
When we returned home, I spent a big part of the day on the couch, because the rain had my knees aching badly. The doctor gave me a prescription for pain meds, so I'll be able to pop a pill on days like this, so maybe I'll get something done in the future. For now, it's off to bed for me. I'm tired!!

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