Wednesday, November 24

Wednesday, November 24, 2010... Yuck...What A Way To Start Your Day.........

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We are going for bloodwork this morning. I guess it's mandatory, considering we have changed from one local health center with no Doctors to one that has a really through Doctor. Seldom was I asked for anything but money at the other office, and here I got a full exam, bloodwork, scheduled for a colonoscopy and who knows what else. Anyway, the jest of this paragraph is that starting your morning off without coffee and a roll with butter or a doughnut is simply absurd! I need sustenance first thing in the morning.......the ol' body has been resting all night long and it’s famished from such hard work................It's SCREAMING FEED ME!!!!!!
(and give me that needed shot of caffeine)

Today I feel much better than yesterday when the low front was moving in from up north, dragging rain to us. My (what ever it is) ailments cause me severe discomfort just before a rain and sometimes, (like yesterday) my psoriasis makes me feel like a train wreck. I ache all over and feel washed out, like an old, limp dish cloth. I'm energy or desire to move, sometimes shaking inside and sometimes so sleepy I have to sit down or fall over. Usually the next day, it's gone and I'm fine. Today.....I'm fine and ready to go. I'll release all the animals, since they must stay in tomorrow....and after getting back from Catskill, where we will have the blood drawn, we'll work on the gift shop. We have all the insulation, the cement board and screws, the wall thimble and stove pipe to finish the stove and Vick has all of the tile to finish the wall behind the stove, over top of the cement board. We're looking forward to getting in there and finishing up. We can get it real cozy in there in the next several days after Thanksgiving.... insulation and heat.... WOW.

I don't know if any of you are interested or not, but the Long Island Press is available on-line by simply going to the following link and registering for their free subscription. ( It displays on your computer screen like a real newspaper and the pages flip as you read, by touching the lower left or right corner. I got a note from my daughter-in-law this morning asking for help as follows.....
I was wondering if you could ask people on the blog to vote for me in the Best of Long Island Press. They don't care where the voter's live, since you can subscribe to Long Island Press on-line, so I thought maybe your readers would help me. I am tied for 4th place and only the top 3 win, so I need a big push. People can vote once a day from each e-mail address. after they register, they go to health and wellness and I am listed under the psychotherapist listing as Loraine Alderman, Psy. D. - Mineola
If you wish to help her to perpetuate her name among all the other therapists, just follow her instructions. You can also see her web site at the following: I'm sure she would appreciate your help and I know you understand what it's like to compete in a big city, so free to help with your daily vote.
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