Tuesday, November 23

Tuesday, November 23, 2010...What A Day Yesterday Was...Unbelievable......

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We started off in the morning at 6:00 AM, stuffing turkeys into their travel crates we made for them and by 8:00, all the critters were fed, watered and turned loose for the day. The turkeys were loaded into the back of the truck and we were off to Dine Farms, the local slaughter shop for fowl. We unloaded, exchanged pleasantries with John and the guys and were off, heading home to change vehicles and head for breakfast. We had an excellent meal in Coxsackie at the Sbarboro Restaurant, on Reed Street. When we returned home, we stopped at our neighbor's house to take a tour of their home so we would know where everything was kept and who got what in the way of cat food and such, since we were going to house sit and watch the cats, feeding them and so on. That took about a half hour and then we jumped back into the truck and headed to the Glenmont Lowe's store to get tile for the wall behind the wood stove and all the insulation for the walls and ceiling. As we were loading the insulation, Dine Farms called to tell us the turkeys were ready for pickup. Off we raced with a truck full of insulation and tile....heading for home so we could unload everything to make it to Dine's farm before their 4:00 closing time. We unloaded the stuff into the gift shop and took off for Dine's Farm. They were finished and closed until we got there at 3:45, but one of the guys opened up and brought our 175 pounds of turkeys out to us. The biggest was 38 lbs. and the next biggest was 37 lbs. the rest were in the low 20's, with one at 13 lbs. They charged us 0.65¢ / lb to clean them, which amounted to $113.75. (These birds were getting expensive) I figured fifteen bags of turkey pellets and crumble, plus the initial cost of the twelve birds we got to raise, minus the five that died along the way, which reduced the number we could sell to seven.... actually put us in the red with what we can possibly charge for the birds....... WE LOST MONEY!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh...the life of a farmer.....It truly is a labor of love, because you don't ever make money.
Well....it is now 6:01 in the evening and I got very little done today. Obviously, I didn't even get the above portion of this entry posted this morning.
We did however get rid of all but two of the turkeys..... One is our neighbor's who is going to be away for Thanksgiving, so they had us keep theirs and we will freeze it after it rests in the refrigerator for two full days to allow the protein to clear from the muscle which causes toughness. After that, we can freeze it if we can fit it into the freezer. It weights 37 pounds and the other one which is ours, but still for sale is 38 pounds! If it isn't sold by Thanksgiving Day, we will cut it in half and make it for our own Thanksgiving meal on Friday and freeze the other half for Christmas. Thursday we will be going to Vick's brother and parent's place for the annual Thanksgiving meal. Maybe we will just wait and cook that 38 pounder for our Christmas buffet we have each year for family, friends and neighbors. It would be appropriate to serve one that size for everyone that stops by then......
My daughter Joanne, was to come up over the holiday....Friday actually, but with work and needing new tires, the gas money and extra made at work is really needed right now, so they are planning for another visit next summer or spring.
After selling all the turkeys, I gave up to the weather, because my knees and psoriasis was killing me all day long. Funny how it does this with rain, but not snow or being out in the cold, because I always thought Arthritis was worse in the cold. That doesn't bother me at all I found over the last couple of weeks when the daytime temperatures were in the 30's and 40's. I was out working in a tee shirt and flannel shirt. All that got cold on me was my hands as usual. They were cold and stiff......not my knees or any other joint. Explain that!
Well, when my knees and body co-operate, we'll get back into the gift shop and start the insulation, wood burner installation and ceiling. We'll take pictures too.

This afternoon, I witnessed a store checkout clerk hustling something secretly under their apron, being held by their arm, as they rushed to an unoccupied car in the parking lot and stashed it under the seat and then returned nonchalantly to the store checkout registers. The person sure was antsy at the register, looking all around and.... on their way to the car.......but walking calm and easily on the way back, without clamping their right arm to their side, as they did when they needed to hold that lump under the apron. Being that I hate people stealing from me......I made note of the time, the license plate number of the car, a description of the clerk and the car and reported it to the store corporate office. They will be watching that clerk in the future.....I'm sure. Why other people won't get involved in things like this is beyond me. We all pay for assholes like this one, because stores raise their prices and have to employ loss prevention measures just to keep employees from stealing the employer blind sometimes. Besides, it just isn't right and only we can stop it. GET INVOLVED... When you see a shop lifter, GET INVOLVED... when you see a an abuse in progress, GET INVOLVED... when you see that someone needs help, GET INVOLVED... I see videos and news reports of people dying in waiting rooms at hospitals and Doctor's offices or on the street and everyone just steps over them or leaves them lie there....Come on people, GET INVOLVED... What if it were you wife or husband or child? What if it were your parent? GET INVOLVED... Make a difference. Help make this world a decent place to live again friend..... PLEASE GET INVOLVED...

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