Saturday, November 20

Sat., Nov. 20, 2010...Another Day done... One Less Day Until Slaughter time......

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Well, we've made it through another day without finishing the turkey crates, but we did get all the material to finish them tomorrow. We picked up two pieces of fiberboard to make the tops, which we will tie on when the turkey is placed in the care. When we returned from getting the flake board, I opted to install the new convection blower and both thermo-links in the pellet stove since they came yesterday. That means the pellet stove has a new combustion blower, and new convection blower and the two major fan controls now replaced and operating like a new stove....Just in time for winter. After getting the new stuff working and set properly, I went back to building the turkey pens. There will be wire bottoms on each pen, and then a round flake board top tied on using nylon ties. When they arrive at the slaughter shop....the "kill tech" simply cuts the ties to remove the top enough to get the turkey out. They will be reusable, over and over. Anyway.....I'll finish them off tomorrow and be ready to stuff turkeys on Monday morning to be at the slaughter house at 8:30 in the morning.

After the pens are all done, we can again concentrate on the gift shop and finishing off that little corner where the wood stove will go. After completing that, Vick can work on the tile behind the stove and I'll work on the insulation in the walls and ceiling. Once completed, we can get the inspection of the insulation and then we are allowed to close in the walls.
All that will be left to do then will be to install removable wall panels in the center of the room and a counter for the check-out, computer and printer. We will also have to do something on the floor too. Possibly linoleum or floor tiles......probably linoleum for ease of installation.
We'll be close to done once we get that insulation inspection, because we can fly then and will be completely done before we must have the finished inspection.

We are puppy sitting for our friend Linda. Winston is a joy to watch, as he fits right in here and lives the life of a king. (Remember, we have FIVE FEMALES) Linda said he mopes around when he stays with her neighbors, who also have dogs, but he sure doesn't mope here. He's a very happy doggie here! If we go anywhere, we leash him and take him along. He loves riding in the car and simply leans his head against something and goes to sleep. He's a real gas ass...enjoying even the shortest ride in a car. Winston is a pleasure and a treat to puppy sit.

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