Saturday, November 20

Sat., November 20, 2010... Nothing Works As It Was Supposed To Be......

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We had the inspector drop by yesterday to take a look at our request to install the insulation and wallboard in one little corner so we could install the wood stove, the pipe and chimney and then finish the wall section with stone tile. He him-hawed around a bit, but said it would be ok if we left an area open so he could see the insulation was in there. "What the hell does that mean??? I should close the wall and tile it, but leave it undo, to see insulation behind it? Does this guy think we're magicians? We'll install the insulation and take pictures before we install the cement board and tile over it. The whole inspection thing is stupid and actually a money game anyway....Just like the crooked bastards that run the electrical inspectors group... and it's only like this in Greene County. Nowhere else! There are other places which require licenses for electricians, but they are very receptive to applicants and giving the test to them. Not like here where they control everything and lock people out. We've come to learn that there are many government funding programs, which have all of Greene County X'ed off the maps, because of this crap. Oh day this will end and those people will be driven out and replaced by honest administrators. (maybe)

We met with the surveyors at our friend's property to show them the "lay of the land", so to best we could. It got them started anyway and I think they will be doing Jiri and Ericka a fabulous job, from what we saw and heard from them. They seem very knowledgeable and conscientious about their work and spend time researching all surrounding deeds for easements or stipulations, which is good. We will keep plugging away to find the answers to the right-of-way issues and Central Hudson's roll in the installation of the electric lines to the property. Vick and I do the leg work for our friends since they live and work full time in New Jersey. It's the least we can do for what they have done for us.

I became more and more uncomfortable yesterday as the day wore on. When we returned from the surveyor's meeting, I sat on the couch for a bit, feeling rather tired, achy and nauseas. It simply got worse as the time past, so we gave up and I rested on the couch for the day, in front of the woodstove. It was the last thing I wanted to do since we have those seven turkey cages to make before next Monday, the wood stove to install and finish the wall in the gift shop. I also have air conditioners to take out of the windows and place in the Wilson House (after we clean and arrange in there) for the winter. There are things on the rear deck I want to place in there also, so sitting on the couch feeling ill was not in the plan.

Today is not working out too well either. Our friend Linda was supposed to drop off her golden this morning, because she was going away for two days. He would stay with us and she was to drop him around 7:00 AM. It's now 8:00 and he is not here. Once he arrives or I get a call, I'll go out and start to make cages for turkeys. Once they are completed and ready for Monday, I'll pick up on the other stuff needing done..... Unfortunately, there isn't always tomorrow to get everything accomplished.......Not for us anyway!
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