Friday, November 19

Friday, November 19, 2010...Hoping To Talk To Inspectors & Surveyors......

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We're hoping our building inspector swings by this morning to look at our wood stove installation, which we called about last evening. We want to simply finish off the little five by five foot corner where the wood stove goes so we can continue to install the cement board and tile on the wall and install the double insulated stove pipe. If we can do that previous to insulating the rest of the structure, we will have heat in there to work with. Here's hoping they will allow us to do that.

We have an appointment to meet surveyors at our good friend's Jiri and Ericka's property, to get the surveyor started in the right direction. We will meet him on the hard road and take him back into the property to be surveyed. That happens at nine O'clock, so I will get going to feed and water all the animals before having to leave.

Whatever we do today, I'll try to get some new pictures of the gift shop posted... if blogger will work. (It's so damned fickle anymore..........)

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