Monday, December 20

Monday, Dec. 20, 2010...Another Start To Another Day...A Week...Our lives...

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Today dawned as usual...leading way to the start of a new week...Christmas week. In a mere five days we will all be celebrating the birth of Jesus, the son of God. Some don't acknowledge that and it bothers me... for I care about all people and wish the best for everyone, so when they don't believe... I naturally fear for them, because I do believe! Don't get me wrong...I would never find fault with them for their belief, or disbelief! On the contrary.... I simply fear for the friends I love, based on my beliefs.
To each their own.....for I wouldn't force my beliefs on anyone and surly respect their belief and holidays along with my own. The only thing that does upset me is that many non-believers want my beliefs to be discontinued...dismantled and removed in a less tolerant reciprocating act, than my patience and acceptance toward their beliefs. I don't view that as a very fair, caring or loving thing to do. What if I demanded they not be allowed to practice their religious belief or worship?
Politically correctness and intolerance breeds hatred and selfishness which never leads to anything good. Now what does God think of that in the end?
I wish all the people of this earth the merriest of Christmas and pray to God that he recognizes the love and worship toward matter what you choose to call it. Besides, no matter what your belief is...we all recognize God as the supreme power and creator of life and all we know around us. So be it....let's remain tolerant of one another, one's beliefs and love each other as God so commanded of us.
Enjoy my holiday and understand that Merry Christmas is my way of extending to you, all the best of the holiday season, as I acknowledge my OWN beliefs.

I just finished a batch of Amish Pickled Eggs, which will sit for the next five days coloring in the beet juice and vinegar, becoming a beautiful maroon color, soaking up the beet flavor and color. My mother used to make pickled eggs for Christmas all the time and I love them and the memory of her with them....especially around Christmas, which was her favorite holiday. Every year at this time, I go through mixed emotions, dealing with her memory and the many things about Christmas which bring those memories so vividly back to life. It is a bitter sweet time of year for me, as I decorate the little tree I used to put on her grave each year. When I moved up here to New York, I brought the tree along to continue trimming and erecting for her as I promised. Her presence has been witnessed here by both Vick and me, so I haven't any problem displaying the tree here for her, rather than on her grave, which is over five hours away from here, in central Pennsylvania. We will spend the rest of the week taking care of the farm and readying everything for Christmas day. We'll have a Christmas Eve dinner for family and after New Years; we will have an open house for all our friends and neighbors to come for food fun and conversation.
Merry Christmas everyone.....enjoy the season....whatever you believe.

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