Saturday, December 4

Saturday, December 04, 2010... Ahhhhhhh...What Do Ya Expect?... You're Right...

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There is a Christmas Bazaar in Catskill, NY TODAY!!
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Yepper... yesterday started off great...picking Donna up to finish the insulation in the gift shop...Going to the bank of Coxsackie and picking up Vick's eight pictures she was displaying there and going to GNH to find the glass for Vick's other three pictures was ready and the stove pipes were there. What a great start!!!
When we got home I let the animals out, fed and watered them all and grabbed a bite to eat. We decided that we would do the framing first, so I got one of Vicks frames and asked her to pick the print she wanted to frame and clean the three glass panels while I ran some eggs out to the egg stand. Vick was asked to display her art for the entire month of December at the Bank of Greene County...and needing ten pictures to fill the display, we wanted to finish the three to make her display contain eleven, which we would later go hang in the bank.
When I returned, I laid a panel of glass in the frame to find it fell directly through the hole. They cut them ¼ of an inch too small in both directions. BACK TO GNH LUMBER WE WENT...
There was no complaint with them...they simply cut the new glass panels to the previously requested 16x 20 inches and we were on our way. This time I told Vick that while she was cleaning glass and picking prints to frame, I was going out to install some of the outside stove pipe at the gift shop.
I began by taking the gusset plate for the cleanout elbow, which will mount to the outside wall and removed the Tee to insert the 9" piece which would be going through the wall, into the room. It didn't fit! I immediately got the 30° elbow kit that would get me past the roof above and checked it...It wouldn't fit either. None of what I bought from GNH fit my existing double walled pipe.
After a little checking we found that Selkirk makes several different kinds of double walled, stainless, EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, 6" stove pipes for wood burning stoves. WHY?? WHY not tell everyone right up front??? They took all $250.00 worth back to reorder the correct stuff. Instead of "Sure-Temp" we now ordered "Super Vent" They differed by a ⅛" on the O.D. and was about ¼" in thickness. Just enough that you couldn't mix the types.... Jeeze Um...I know I've said this before, but WHY? It makes me want to hate Selkirk, because neither GNH nor I figured there would be a difference.....BOTH WERE SELKIRK, SIX INCH STOVE PIPE!!!!!!! Now I'm faced with waiting again.....
Once we finally had this ironed out and we stopped for dinner, by the time we returned home, it was dark and time to put the animals away.
We then figured the heck with it...we would watch Christmas shows on TV and get ready for the Christmas Craft Sale in Catskill in the morning.
Now I have to go and finish marking maple syrup prices on the bottle and getting things ready to go. Later Friends.....
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