Friday, December 3

Friday, December 03, 2010... Here's Hoping....That's All We Can Do Sometimes....

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Today we're hoping the stove pipes we've special ordered came in like Donna, the store clerk said it would. She also said it would come in Thursday and if she saw it, she would call us. She did not call. She may no longer work there either, because when we were there yesterday, they said there is no "she" any longer....only guys.
GNH Lumber used to be such a nice friendly, family store, but they have changed over the last two years. They have gotten rid of many of the people we have dealt with over the years and are now operating with a skeleton crew of people who know little about what they have...and far less about customer relations. Soon...we will refrain from even stopping there if it continues.....after all, there prices were never much to brag about, but Vick and I like to deal local to support local people and our community. That's why we do the Farmer's Market all summer and invest every Saturday to that and make nothing....It SUPPORTS OUR COMMUNITY. The only problem remains....our community usually fails to support itself.

Oh well..... Today I can concentrate on the gift shop; because I cleaned the barn needing it yesterday and I drained the underground water supply lines to the garden pond, removed the pump and filters and took the chairs and bench away for the winter. I can forget the rear deck, because Vick and I can do that in a day. Once that is done, we can do the air conditioners in an hour.
SOOOOO, it's off to the gift shop to do walls or pipe (if it's in) We'll see.
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