Thursday, December 2

Thursday, December 02, 2010... Safe Again From The Flood Waters Of Yesterday...

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Waking this morning, we gave thanks to be in much better shape than some of our neighbors devastated yesterday by the flood of rain water rushing through Greenville, NY. There were houses in the center of Greenville which were completely surrounded by water coming from the usually small trickling stream that feeds the pond in Veteran's Park, next to the gazebo on the square. Water was overflowing route 32 and 81 through the intersection. The Cumberland farms parking lot was flooded and all the houses along the creek going south....behind Greenville Arms were flooded...or at least surrounded by water. It was a sight to behold, unless you were one of the property owners affected.
We drove to Schenectady to pick up and leave some of Vick's art prints. She called ahead to order several to replace what she had sold previously and since we were there, we dropped off originals to be scanned into Kim's digital archival system, then cataloged for future orders. Kim Lorang, at Visual Winds Studio does beautiful work. We were fortunate enough to know Stanley Maltzman and through buying art and Stan's last book, Art of Stanley Maltzman: Sketches and Studies in Pencil, Pastel & Watercolor, we met Kim. Check out her site link above. She is an amazing artist in her own rite and a valuable contact to remember.
Upon returning yesterday, we stopped at Appleby's for chicken feed and when the rain stopped last evening, we went out and feed all the animals. The barns were fairly warm, dry and cozy for the animals. We purposely didn't allow them to be out the last two days...because of the lousy rain and wind. We feared finding them swept up by the winds and it would take them hours to walk home...because flying would only render them further away.... besides, fowl weather always ushers foxes and other predators which cannot hunt in the normal fashion, due to the high winds...even though their bellies and hunger continue to work fine. I guess it's the old adage again...."Any port in a storm".
This morning the sky was blue, the sunrise beautiful and the temperatures above freezing. What more could one ask for on the 2nd day of December? We will take all the mild, winter weather afforded us, because we are over the line now...expecting the worst that Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have to offer and will be throwing at us shortly, maybe even Sun., Mon., Tues. and Wed., which they say will only be snow showers. I've seen 6" of snow showers before though!
Anyway, today I would like to concentrate on finishing up or winterization plans, which always go south with the geese. We still have water lines to shut off and drain hoses to be put away and a building to arrange and make sense of, before placing more summer items in there which will include three air conditioners once I remove them from the windows.
While Vick and I accomplish this stuff, Donna will be installing wall insulation in the gift shop. And on we go!!!!!!!
It just seems as though there is always more....always more....We never get done!
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