Tuesday, December 7

Tuesday, December 07, 2010... Hearts Break and Tears Fall While Life Goes On....

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Early on the morning of December 6th, my ex-wife's father.....the grandfather of my son and two daughters passed away....losing his battle to cancer. No matter the reason for our divorce and all the problems which plagued me afterward....my heart goes out to my children and the Wilson family, as they work through the loss of their Husband, Father, Grand Father, brother and uncle. May all the comfort of God above be present with Al's wife Barb, his daughter Thelma and all the rest of the family in their time of great loss... Especially the lost and heavy hearts of my three children. Rest in Peace Al....

This morning, I downloaded a book to my kindle...my new gift, from my sweet and loving wife Vick...and then just for shits and giggles, I downloaded my poetry book...just to see if I could.... It worked well, so if you are interested in buying my poetry book for download unto your kindle, email me and we'll arrange to send a download to you for the payment of $5.40 to Pay-Pal per my instructions. All you have to do is have a wireless connection and an Amazon account to manage your kindle....and then we can download directly to you.
Today was really cold and nasty here with a pretty brisk wind driving the temperatures to brutal levels. I got a really late start this morning by sleeping until 8:00 AM and probably wouldn't have actually woke except for the phone ringing as the local pharmacy called to say we needed to pick up prescriptions which are filled automatically when due. Other than feeding and watering the animals and loading the egg stand with chicken eggs and turkey eggs, we didn't do a whole lot. I did bring feed bags in for Vick to pick through to make her twenty commissioned Hospice Green Shopping Bags for our friend Kim.
Later in the afternoon, around three, we had to go to our friend Judy's to help load her dog into the car to take him to the vet to be treated for something which happened last evening. He went down all of a sudden and began acting confused and lacks an appetite and Judy says if he doesn't eat.....something is definitely wrong, so Judy and Vick took him to the Vet. Prior to leaving for Judy's to load the dog, we replaced the ceiling fan in the living room with one we bought for $40.00 at Lowe's one evening.....just because it was on sale and we needed a replacement for the one already in the living room. The light kit on the old fan left a lot to be desired. This new fan has a three bulb light which is very nice and lights the room nicely for a change. We're happy with the look and operation for a mere $40.00.
It's now getting dark enough that I'll have to stop to go leave the critters in and feed them for the night. I look forward to being finished for the evening during this time of the year. We can snuggle in and watch the Christmas programs in front of the fireplace where it's so nice and comfy.

Be kind to everyone during this holiday season, as you shuffle along thorough the crowed stores and on the busy streets. Be tolerant to all those that step on your toes and run their shopping carts into the back of your heels....Don't let yourself go berserk and scream and yell, ruining everyone else's holiday experience like I do.

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