Wednesday, December 15

Wednesday, December 15, 2010...Started Off At Nine Degrees On The Crazy Day...

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Yes, this is the last morning to get things done before leaving for the Vermont Inn and enjoying a New England vacation just before Christmas..... We have dreamed for many years to have a quaint New England Inn's room, with a fireplace and a cozy quilt covered bed. We plan to visit the local shops on foot and browse about, stopping for coffee and hot chocolate along the way. Once we tire of that, we will return to the room to enjoy wine and cheese, in the afternoon, with the other people there enjoying their stay also. Later we will relax in the room to read or watch a movie while knitting or spinning....there was even talk of Vick taking her table loom and creating a special scarf while there. In any event, we will be kicked back and relaxing between meals and enjoying the New England area around West Dover, the famous Snow Goose Inn.
Yesterday afternoon, we worked on hospice shopping bags, which were ordered by folks as Christmas gifts. Vick made up about thirty of them, so today I will install holes and grommets for the soft rope handles and they will then be complete and ready. Anyway.... we also installed a heater bulb in the egg stand near the road so the eggs would not freeze this winter. It is a bulb which creates heat and is controlled by a thermostat to keep the temperature around 45° at all times. It will also allow us to keep Judy's jams or our cheeses in there and available all winter long too. We later went to Catskill to enjoy listening to our neighbor singing in a Christmas program put on by the area glee club. The Platte Cove singers, a youth group, from the local commune of the Bruderhof, were there by invitation and put on an outstanding performance too.
Today we will go for layer pellets and anything else needed for the next several days so we are well stocked for the week....and next week we will do the same to get through the Christmas week, when everything will be closed too. Right now, we want to be sure all feed cans are full and everything is in place for Lynda, Dawna or Linda...when they come to feed or help Vick's parents while we are gone.
I removed the air conditioners last evening, so I will get those into the Wilson House and stored properly today also. The one upstairs is serving as a stand for the mirror between our closet door for the winter.....Smart I’d say, because Vick and I needn't drag it up and down the stairs. I simply covered it with a table cloth like material to disguise it as a small table. Next spring, when it becomes unbearably hot up there, I will not have to wait for help to get it back up the stairs again.
Hopefully, our piping for the wood stove in the gift shop will arrive at GNH Lumber soon! I will be in there working as soon as we return from Vermont, doing wallboard...some final insulation work and then, installing the ceiling boards (after the insulation inspection that is) to finish off the ceiling, leaving only the wall boards to do. That reminds me......we have to call Ed Pooters Jr., at Middle Field Lumber to make sure he's cutting those wall boards. I also have to pick up our friend Charlie's table saw to make the ship lap edges on all the boards. This is the final leg of the hospice gift shop journey.....

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