Tuesday, December 14

Tuesday, December 14, 2010...Cold Again... We Missed The Boat Again...

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We've surly missed the boat for being done and ready for the freezing weather again this winter. We still have the air conditioners in the windows, which was mute testimony for its capacity to pass air last evening, when we went to bed. It was as if the winter winds zipped right through the air conditioner in our bedroom and into the room. Today, I WILL remove it from the window and stash it somewhere. The one in the guest room must come out today too, because Vick's parents will be here for awhile and they won't care for a chill coming through the guest room. I'll remove it and the one in the living room and take them to the Wilson house storage area and the one upstairs can be stashed up there somewhere for now.
Last evening we rushed to Lowe's to grab conduit and fittings to run an underground line to the egg box for a thermostatically controlled heater, which I've built, to be installed in the egg stand box permanently. It will keep the winter temperatures from dipping far below 50° and freezing the eggs. That will allow us to keep our eggs and other items there, along with Judy's jams, all winter long. Unfortunately...the freeze occurred before we returned and I could not stand to be out there digging in the dark, freezing, torturously bitter wind to dig the ditch. Besides, I would have needed a pick and sledge hammer to break the earth loose to dig the frozen chips away. Ooooh Noooo..........we missed the boat as usual, so now it will be a waiting game for a mild spell and watching the box temperature closely to protect the eggs. Perhaps I will make a temporary heater installation in the old coke dispenser on the hospice gift shop until I can get power to the egg stand. I can do that without a lot of trouble for awhile anyway.
It appears the house is decorated sufficiently.....even though we do not have our usual tree up and decorated. We cannot put our usual tree up because of the black tongue and tail, with a piece of dog in between, which we call Casey Mae...would eat it! We therefore placed a small fiber optic tree in the living room, on the table, without lights or ornaments to eat. The big tree will be on the hospice gift shop if we can get the junk off of it and cleaned up to display it. I need to perform a severe clean-up inside since the insulation was installed. There is a lot of waste...paper and plastic...to be removed. I plan to do some work in there today for awhile. Well....where ever you are, stay warm and enjoy the holiday season......

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