Monday, January 24

Monday, January 24, 2011...The Coldest Start To A Day This Year At -14°........

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That’s correct! This morning the mercury dipped to fourteen below zero and the air was as still as death itself. There was not a hint of air moving when I let the dogs out this morning...and as I could feel the moisture in your nose freezing instantly and the air was uncomfortable entering my lungs. These temperatures are not meant for regular living creatures dwelling in the usual thirty degree range. Nothing wants to work at these temperatures. The diesel tractor will not even consider starting in this temperature, nor will the gasoline powered John Deere garden tractor. Thank God we only have limited exposure to these temperatures and then it warms up again or we would never be able to keep a battery charged up. Beyond my daily treks to the barn for feeding and watering the stock, we will stay indoors to wait this deadly event out. We plan to venture to Coxsackie for a Yoga class this evening, but I will preheat the car and it will only be a dash from house to to yoga class and then yoga class back to car and home....keeping our outside time to a bare minimum of a few minutes total.
Vick was chasing an easel on eBay last evening, but I may also look to the basement scraps for a smooth board which I can turn into an easel for my pastel painting so I can do a little with her as she performs her watercolor paintings. I gave up watercolors, because I ultimately found a way to muddy up a spot on every painting I ever did, rendering it a crash and burn event beyond saving. It happens like a lightning strike. One small touch of the brush in the wrong manner and you’re a goner.... beyond rescue, in a deep pit of doo-doo...... All my time was wasted by an impatient moment and a touch of the brush. I don’t have to worry about that with pastels. It is forgiving of impatient fools such as me. If I make a stroke of color which is wrong or not as I intended it....I simply work over the mistake and it disappears. No matter the color, using a small brush, I can simply dust the incorrect color or application away! There is nothing you cannot cover over and go on to complete your painting. I love pastels.......
We have slacked off in the labors of the hospice gift shop due to the temperatures. I should simply take the propane tank to GNH Lumber and get it filled again. If I did that and we lit the heater for a mere fifteen minutes, we could comfortably work in there and just light the heater when needed for a few minutes each hour. Laziness and cold weather go hand in hand for Vick and me. It is much easier to sit in front of the pellet stove and stay warm, so we pass up our opportunity to finish up the tiling and ceiling installation. If we finished those, all we would have to do is finish the wall covering, checkout counter and build a center wall of moveable panels on wheels. I guess we should get off our duffs and do it before nice weather comes and we want to do other things. Spring will bring the desire to do a farmers market somewhere until Greenville’s opens. Perhaps we can sell there prior the formal opening. We’ll have to check with Ginny to see.
I guess I have today to get the propane tank filled and then we can go out anytime and work....... Stay warm friends.... it’s COLD!

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