Tuesday, January 25

Tuesday, January 25, 2011... Today Was A Good Day For Getting Things Done......

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Linda came this morning and starting cleaning the barns while I hung the tarp over the tractor shed’s large opening. I placed a trim piece across the top of the tarp to sandwich it to the building and not allow it to flap and tear in the wind. We went to GNH Lumber and picked up a 3/16” rope and ties it to the bottom right hand corner of the tarp to pull it up to open it so the tractor can pass freely without tearing the tarp down. Once the tarp was in place, I got the propane heater and the full tank, put it together and lit it inside, beside the tractor. Within fifteen minutes, I was able to start the diesel engine and bring ten bags of wood pellets in to the house, where I stacked them on the porch. Anticipating the Thursday snow storm caused me to stockpile the pellets to get ready. After unloading the wood pellets, Linda and Vick helped my free up the steel rack that encircles the round bale of hay for the sheep and alpaca. Wayne brought us a new round bale this morning early, so we needed to put the rack in place immediately before the alpacas or sheep upset the bale unto themselves. When we completed all that, I carried the heater and propane tank back to the gift shop and lit it off for Vick to work at cleaning the tile she installed in the wood stove corner. The tile is now clean and ready for grout. She will do that tomorrow and I will work at the ceiling boards. Once the grout is finished and dry, I’m going to place the wood burner and install the pipes to finish it up so we can light off our first wood fire in the gift shop. The first of many I hope. Linda got everything cleaned and new fluffy wood chips laid down, making the barns so nice and cozy for the animals.
We now had a chickadee in a bird cage in the bathroom. The poor little fellow must have take a head long crash into the picture window, because Vick went out this afternoon, and the chickadee was sitting on the ground in front of the window and wouldn’t fly. Vick simply bent over and picked the bird up. After several hours of sitting on a wooden perch, he started moving around a bit. Hopefully, he’ll make it through the night to be released tomorrow if he can fly. He can’t be free if he can’t fly, because Henrietta Pŭtty Cat will dine on him in a heartbeat. Following are some pictures of the little guy in the computer room.

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