Wednesday, January 26

Wed. Jan. 26th, 2011... Getting Healthy Can Actually Kill A Guy...You Know...?

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Jeeze um.... Here it is Wednesday already and I’m still sore and aching from the Yoga class on Monday evening. If I keep this, “getting Healthy” thing going, I could perceivably kill my self by the beginning of next week!
Wow, what a surprise... we started out so innocently slow and easy. All we did was lie or sit on the floor and meditate.....soooo relaxing....and then we did a little simple stretching and moving. We rotated our arms while extended out from our sides, stretched our arms up over our heads and little, then got into an unrealized torture chamber, through denial....”Oh yeah...piece of cake...I can do all this!” I thought... as I easily performed the pretzel twists and stretches. Try lying on your stomach and arching your back so you can raise your head up and stretch all the way up and you can look up your own butthole. That was soooo easy! Later we laid our backs flat on the floor, with our butt against the wall and our legs together, extending straight up the wall.....Ahhhhhhh, very restful and tranquil. Soon after that, lying upon our stomachs again, we curled our toes under and raised our butt high into the air, supporting ourselves on our hands and toes, like an upside down “Vee”..... or in MY words, “Satan’s Peak” or the “the killer pose, which I chose to call it. It’s true we left there feeling quite different than we had when we arrived, I just didn’t realize how much until the next morning. In retrospect, I must truthfully say that I have never paid someone ten dollars so I could totally beat the shit out of myself before. I had been beaten quite severely by three or four thugs after school and it didn’t take this long to recover from being sore!
Duhhhh, back then I wasn’t almost sixty either, I guess......
Anyway, this morning I felt a little better and after four Ibuprofen pills with my coffee, I've become a little better yet. Since I was rather guarded last evening with my movements and activities, let me insert a few pictures of our friend Judy’s new live-in soulmate.... We took her down below Kingston to pick her up last week. She is a cross between a full sized Poodle and a Great Pyrenees. Judy brought her over this week and visited for a bit in the evening. Check out the cute little thing.....

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