Saturday, January 22

Saturday, January 22, 2011....Ahhh Yes...Best Laid Plans......Usually Go Bad Here...

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Yesterday I had plans for a lot of things that didn’t happen! Direct TV was to come and install HD TV in a bundle deal which gives us internet, Direct TV in HD with a DVR installed on the upstairs big screen TV and “on demand TV”, for movies and series programs. They came around ten o’clock and didn’t leave until around 7:30 last night. He had more trouble than an armless monkey in a banana factory!
He didn’t have all the equipment necessary, so had to run all over the place, made a few mistakes and then had to trace everything out to find what was wrong. I finally tired of the find and seek thingie and went out to plow snow before the frigid temperatures they were calling for froze everything in place, making it difficult to plow. I finished up around the time the Direct TV guy finally finished. After he packed up and left, we had dinner and I went out to feed and water the animals for the night. End of story.....We watched TV until bedtime.
Today, I’m not saying anything about what we’ll do. I’m tired of projecting and never getting it done, so this evening when we’re done, I’ll post a little entry to say what happened and share our daily adventure. At least it will be correct.....

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