Thursday, January 6

Thursday, January 06, 2011...Round, Round, Get Around...I Get Around.....

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For the last several days, we’ve been running, running, running. Here and there, doing this and that, as I’ve recently told you all. Vick bought a Galaxy Tab, made my Samsung....for Sprint. It does everything, but she isn’t happy with it, because she has to learn everything to do with it and it’s not nearly as user friendly as the Apple products. When she bought her first Iphone, she set everything up without even looking at the book or instructions. With this unit, all she did was moan and groan for three hours trying to get it to work. It kept telling her she was “roaming, roaming, roaming”....while using it in our wireless hotspot in the computer room. We have Wi-Fi in here which will allow you to open any browser without hooking up to the hard wires. This didn’t, so after two hours on the phone with Sprint, he advised her to take it back. Jeese......She was disappointed because we don’t have Sprint service here and they said “give it up lady...take it back.”
She was talking to the AT&T lady about an IPad and she told Vick she was due for an upgrade of her old Iphone, but she said she didn’t want to pay the extra for it. The lady said that she wouldn’t have to pay the extra, because she was grandfathered in, but Vick said she wasn’t interested and just wanted the information on the IPad.
Soooooooooooooooo, we took the Galaxy Tab back to radio shack to turn it in for a refund. NOT....the little worm talked her into keeping it for awhile to play with it and give it a chance. He set up a few things for her including her emails and some other stuff, and somehow when we left two hours later....... we had the Galaxy Tablet AND a new 4G Iphone.......BUT.... She still had to pay the thirty dollars a month (the extra $10.00) that she didn’t want to do originally. Sooooo, On the phone in Radio Shack with the AT&T lady, whom she immediately told to put a supervisor on in her place and in the USA. Long story short....She is grandfathered into unlimited data, but NOBODY is exempt from the thirty dollar monthly Iphone fee.
Today, we went to Hannaford for groceries after picking up the Cub Cadet. When I got the call that the Cub was ready to pick up, I about had my third heart attack.....considering it was $403.73 to get it. Half parts, half labor....
Right now...I think I would like to sit down and relax...meditate and float away for a bit....... Vick would like to paint a little.
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