Tuesday, January 4

Tues. January 04th...The Speed of Light, A Cloud of Dust and A Hearty Hi-Ho Higgbert...We’re Off...In A Tizzy......

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I started the morning off with coffee and dogs as usual, and then went to what has been keeping me occupied for the last several days. Income Tax preparation!!!!
I was inputting data into QuickBooks so I could get our Schedule F completed to send to Greenville Town Hall to keep our farm status for yet another year. I still have a lot to input and some issues to resolve with the QuickBooks program in general, but will try tom balance my load a little better so I don’t starve all you followers out there in Blog Land.
We were in the gift shop last night until late also, so we have a few updated pictures, which I will add to the older ones so you can see the progress we’re making. Vick started the tiled wall behind where the wood stove will be and I started the ceiling boards, which are killing my knees. It was late enough last evening when we quit that I didn’t feel like tackling the blog to boot, so I decided I would post tonight with pictures and all.
We spent the major part of the day running all around Glenmont. First we stopped to check on a new wheel, tire and inner tube for the garden tractor trailer. We bought a new one for ten dollars! Yesterday afternoon, we took the blown tire and wrinkled rim to a local place for repairs. He was going to pound the rim out and install a new tube, because the tire was still fine. Now tomorrow morning I will call him and tell him that I bought a new one and if he hasn’t started the repair on the old one, just forget it. (Why do I think he’s gonna say he already made a $25.00 to $45.00 repair on my old one?)
We were to receive a call from him and also a call from the Cub Cadet dealer down the road. He has had our big tractor there since December 28th for an oil leak and some other stuff and just pulled it in and started on it today. We’re cringing as we think about the cost of those repairs too........ Thank God it didn’t snow with it sitting outside there.
The chickens are not laying up to their potential anymore and we can’t figure out why. They have plenty of light....plenty of layer pellets and corn, clean quarters and clean water. The barns are cozy warm when it is bitter cold outside too, so we can’t figure why they aren’t laying eggs. The molt happened earlier in the fall, so that’s not it he hens aren’t all that old that their production should be age related. We’re just baffled, that’s all there is to it.
I have a little solder job on a ceiling fan to do for a friend who wants to mount it in her living room to churn and stir the heat from her wood stove to distribute the heat more efficiently. I’ll do that in the morning and rewire it so it’s ready to take to her house to install.
Vick is happy.....She got a Galaxy Tab today at Radio Shack. It is made for Sprint by Samsung and is a remarkable piece of technology! It puts the IPad to shame in my opinion, and if I were better attuned to rattle off all the things the computer geek at radio shack showed us, you too would be amazed. It does about everything.....and I do mean EVERYTHING...right down to still pictures, video, Skype and GPS....There is a front camera and a rear camera (with a flash) and you can hold it in one hand comfortably. You can even shoot a video and upload it directly to YouTube. It’s quite user friendly and has voice commands for everything!
It’s the IPad and much more....Just what Vick had been waiting for!

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