Saturday, January 1

Saturday Eve, January 01, 2011... Happy New Year and It's All Over Again.....

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Well, here we are in 2011 and the holidays have come and gone. Everyone is gone...headed home and we are all alone again. We have not accomplished a lot in the hospice gift shop, yet we made monumental strides. To go out there and take a would never notice much of a difference, but the cement board is in place and ready for the tile, (in the stove corner) and I completed the insulation installation and had it inspected. I'm now ready to install the ceiling boards next. Vick is going to take care of the tile installation and our friend Linda is going to help her from time to time. We have employed Linda full time as a farm hand/ landscape artist here at the cluckin' "A" Critter Farm. We needed a full time professional cleaner/farm hand/gardener and Linda needs the work. She has a business called Lilly & Sparrow, which is a professional landscaping business. She is very good at what she does and can render and draw out proposed plans, to present to her clients before doing the work. She will also be involved in multiple artistic ventures from time to time with Vick as they paint, spin fiber and work on other projects. She also does professional transcription of some type, but I'm not sure what kind and for who, but she is always looking for new clients for that too.
This afternoon, we welcomed Linda, Judy and our other friend Lynda to come for our New Years Day dinner of pork and sauerkraut. It is said that if you have pork and sauerkraut on New Years, you're guaranteed good luck the rest of the year. I NEED IT!!!!!!!
Last evening our group of family and friends gathered at the Hollowbrook Restaurant for a New Years Eve Dinner, where we dined and listened to some great music performed by The Rebound Boys. They perform pretty much as regulars every Friday evening at the Hollowbrook Restaurant throughout the summer and I understand that after the winter break and The Hollowbrook opens on February 15th, The Rebound Boys will again be performing every Friday night. They play at the gazebo in the Veterans Park in Greenville, every Wednesday evening from seven until nine during the summer too.
Steve has a golden voice that sounds like almost all the singers of the original songs they perform and Teddy is outrageous on his one special snare drum and cymbal. When they play, they certainly don't need any accompaniment. They sound like an entire band by themselves. They're amazing!!
Well, looks like we are almost back to normal now here at the Cluckin' "A"..... So tomorrow, well be working in the gift shop, taking care of the 2011 farm work and enjoying life a little more than the last few years where we were constantly busy...building and expanding and running and fussing. Now we are ready to take it as it comes and do a little for Skip & Vick.......
In fact my New Years resolution is to "Live a little and laugh a lot with Sweetheart and soulmate." After all, we have a lot of great friends and a great life.....

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