Thursday, December 30

Thursday, December 30, 2010... Another Day...Another Ache and Pain...Jeeze....

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Every day is another day of aches and pains and between Vick and me; we are wondering if this is how the rest of our lives will be. She has ongoing...if not new pains in her wrists, fingers, arms and feet...seemingly on a daily basis. Sometimes they change with the barometer, as do mine. We both seem to find new and different ailments more and more frequently, making us wonder if we could still be suffering from some other type of virus or bacteria from our previous tick bites. It seems too coincidental that we both suffer afflictions of the same type, almost at the same times..... Vick read a book belonging to our biologist friend Judy, and in it, it tells us that one deer tick can actually carry four different kinds of whatever kind of germ which causes some pretty nasty stuff and they don't really know how to treat them. Now that is damned scary! It also enrages me that this type of thing goes virtually un-studied and un-attacked by our medical community. In fact, there are way too many things happening to our citizens in this country while we send zillions of dollars to other countries that want to kill us all.
That pisses me off every time I or Vick wake up with a new affliction, or hear the many other people who have suffered Lyme's in the past. What else is there which is hidden by the Lyme's virus that goes un-detected and continues to torture people? Hopefully, someone gets off their ass and looks into it more in-depth.

Anyway.... yesterday the code enforcement officer was here to inspect the gift shop insulation and passed it with flying colors, so hopefully....Vick will work on the tile behind the stove, as I work on installing the first of the ceiling boards. I will call Joe, our friend and see if he is still able to assist me in the ceiling and wall installation. He wanted to volunteer his services as a carpenter awhile back, but there was nothing being done that he could help with. Now there is, so I will contact him. Also, Linda was coming to assist Vick in the tile installation. We have contracted to have her help us around the farm when needed and all summer long as a gardener and landscaper, since that is her profession. Many other people have helped us in the past or wanted to, but were not interested in doing it professionally or for the long haul, as Linda will do. In the spring, she will open the garden pond and plant shrubbery and plants where needed, pruning and caring for the ones presently there, along with all the other grounds keeping which will need performed. That will allow Vick and me to concentrate on other ventures around the farm needing our attention.
We might place the rest of the rubber mats in the chicken coop, which will make cleaning it a breeze. It also adds an element of insulation to the barn and allows us to disinfect more efficiently. The question will be if we can afford the seven mats at $35.00 each this month.....The chickens are only laying one dozen eggs a day right now...but the ducks are going like gangbusters in both barns..... Hopefully the chickens will kick in too as it warms and the days lengthen. We keep lights on to inspire laying, keep the barns clean and dry, supply lots of clean water and some heated areas....coupled with lots of layer pellets and corn. It is an expensive weekly ticket when you are only getting about $25.00 to $30.00 a week in egg sales.
Pellet cost alone for a week is in excess of $25.00, with another $20.00 in corn. We also have rabbits, Alpaca and sheep to feed, so it is a losing battle right now and we cannot keep up with the customer demand for eggs. Given our present egg income and the mats costing $245.00 on top of the $45.00 feed cost, I don't know if we will splurge this month or not. The farm has many other expenses which have fallen due this month, so we might have to wait on the mats.....We'll see.

We will work today, but after this evening, we will be done with any work until after New Years day. We plan to go to dinner with friends New Years Eve, early and then be home before the drunks start driving around. We will only go to the end of our road, to the Hollowbrook Restaurant to eat and hear
The Rebound Boys, as they perform the New Year's Eve music. We will be home by 9:00 PM for sure.

New Years day, we will enjoy our own pork and sauerkraut dinner here at home and relax, doing something fun.
Please everyone.....Have a SAFE and happy New Year!

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