Tuesday, December 28

Tuesday, December 28, 2010... Cold, WINDY!!! And A Day To Work In The gift Shop.....

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This storm is being regarded as a full blown blizzard. Blizzards forecast from Washington to Boston canceled many more flights.
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Wahoo....is it still windy here! The only good thing over yesterday and the day before is that the temperature is no longer hovering at 15° any more. It is now all the way up to 30°, which means with the wind chill factor, it only feels like 17°. Imagine what it felt like when we had 30 mph winds and a temperature of 15°? It was downright COLD.....feeling like minus 5°, as the wind raged on and airborne snow crystals were thrust into your face, stinging the already cold, tender skin.
Today, we have a slight breeze that occasionally kicks up to a strong gust for a few seconds, and then tapers off again. The snow that fell Sunday, into Monday, amounted to about eight inches, except where it had drifted to a foot or sixteen inches. Places where the wind picked up the snow was bare.....making it hard to actually determine the exact snow fall amounts. We plowed our way out and made sure the egg box was open so customers could continue to get their eggs. Earlier this month, I installed a light fixture on a thermostat, which utilizes a 100 watt light bulb to keep the egg compartment at a constant 40° to 45° no matter what the outside temperature is. We can keep Judy's jams in there all winter long now also.
Last night we returned two rolls of encapsulated insulation and picked up two rolls of regular insulation to finish the gable ends of the gift shop. That will take about an hour today and we can then call for the insulation inspection. After that, we have no more inspections until the very end when everything is done and we get the finished inspection which will give us the certificate of occupancy.
Once the inspection of the insulation is completed, we will move into overdrive and get the ceiling installed, and then work on the wall coverings. The wood burner is almost installed, but I am waiting on Vick and Linda to do the wall tiles in the stove corner before installing the stove, pipe and accessories, which would be in their way as they work. You couldn't have the stove fired up anyway, because of the threat of getting burnt as you worked on the tile cutting and installation, so we will continue to use the propane heater we are presently using. It will be cool to have the wood burner finally light off and heating in there with wood.
Once the walls and ceiling lighting is completed, we will work on a counter system and getting the computer and printer installed for doing receipts and bookkeeping.
We also want a center wall, consisting of several panels built on wheels, which will give us more wall space for pictures and other merchandise. It will be nice, because we can roll them out of the way to clean and give us the opportunity to setup several different center wall configurations. It can run down the center long ways, across with two or three walls to weave around or they can be place in a jig-jag fashion to give lots more wall space on both sides.
With the extreme cold, winter weather, it's kind of a joy to work in the gift shop. It gives us something to do with music playing and beats sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Vick couldn't survive that unless she was extremely sick, and then she would sleep on the couch, in front of the fireplace anyway.
All the animals are toasty warm in their barns or coops, with lots of food and water, so we're all waiting patiently for the New Years holiday starting Friday with 40° temperatures. They will all be allowed out to run and enjoy the outdoors with temperatures that high. Until then.....we'll see. With the snow down now, there are few places they can go anyway, except for the paths I dug from barn to barn.
My kids in central Pa had little... if any snow, while we had eight inches here. Parts of New Jersey and where our son lives in Long Island, received up to 30 inches of the fluffy white stuff. The storm blasted Jersey and L.I. as it came up the coast and then again after swirling inland, around and directly over them on the way back out to sea. Sucks to live there right now I bet!! Hummm, I'll have to ask Bill and Loraine when I email them.................

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