Thursday, January 27

Thursday, January 27, 2011...Ya Win Some And Ya Lose Some...Today, We Won!!!

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Contrary to our usual luck of the weather draw... We pulled the Ace out of the pile this time, giving us a Royal Flush!! We missed the brunt of the storm, with predictions for the next ten days being nothing more than temperatures in the 20’s and a few snow flurries, without any accumulations at all. Whoopee.... We’ll be into February before you know it and all’s looking great right now! My back is better daily, thank God, because we are scheduled for round two of the Yoga torture mania this coming Monday again. I guess if I keep up with it, only go a little easier....I’ll be ok and fare much better in the ache department. Once I get back to normal again, I plan to spend some time in the basement on the treadmill and elliptical runner to burn off a few more calories. We have only eaten out one time since New Years Eve and that was for a Veal sandwich at Frank’s one evening with our friend Linda. I haven’t had any soda since New Years Eve and only drink lemon-lime seltzer water. We don’t eat bread anymore; substituting multi-grain sandwich thins made by Arnold. They are a great source of fiber and at 100 calories each, a great alternative to bread. We use raw honey in place of sugar and eat lots of fruit. Our weight is slowly melting off and we are not dieting or starving... Last evening we had shake and bake pork chops, mashed potatoes and plantains. As I said, we are not dieting...we are eating better and wiser. This way when the weight melts off, it will stay off. When they call quick loss diets “crash diets”, they are right, because all you will experience is a crash and burn event, gaining it all back and more later. We’ve modified our diet and portions and started Yoga, so now we simply have to go to the basement daily and workout, building muscle mass and reducing our fat accumulation. Success is on the horizon for us both.
Depending on Vick’s plans for today... and my knees and back...working in the gift shop for a little while is a possibility. Our neighbor is coming over to tutor me on the last of the QuickBooks lessons today too. Once that is done, she will be on a barter retainer for any future questions as far as the farm bookkeeping. I’ll help them out with handy-man stuff around their farm, when needed. They raise and sell organic roasting chickens year round at the farmer’s markets, but do not do any egg business.
I’ll let the ducks and chickens out today, because we are puppy sitting Linda’s dog Winston, while she works part time. Now, I gotta go and clean the pellet stove ash accumulation from the hopper and the fire pot and get it cranking again.....
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