Saturday, January 29

Saturday, January 29, 2011... Another Crippling Day Compliments of Lyme’s......

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Today was a wash... I fed and released the animals today, had breakfast with Vick and then tried to do a little wiring job for Vick, but was unsuccessful and had to quit. She wants a receptacle placed at the landing going up the steps for a grow light. There is a shelved area under the sky light where it is always nice and sunlit throughout the day and even in the winter, it is toasty warm from the heat rising up into the stairwell. Vick wants to place about four flats of plant starts up there and have them ready to transplant into a garden by the side of the house when spring arrives. Putting a receptacle in there for her is going to be a breeze, but just not today. I had severe muscle pain in my legs, wrists and thumbs, which has become a regular occurrence since having the Lyme’s disease. We were hopeful that after the treatment, our afflictions would subside and not reoccur, but that was simply not to be. It gets worse with approaching rain or inclement weather, but some days are not present at all. I think it will never fully go away. Vick has days which are exactly as mine are and she is progressively getting worse I think. At least it appears to me that she is complaining much more than ever lately.
I’ve been working on updating the data in our farm account to reflect all the cost associated with the farm that we forgot in years past. Using QuickBooks is a great asset to record keeping and I highly recommend anyone with a farm to buy the program for recordkeeping. It’s really nice to know that our eggs don’t even pay for the layer pellets we buy throughout the year. We would have to sell our eggs for about eight dollars a dozen to pay for the feed and upkeep of just the chickens. It really doesn’t matter if you have a dozen chickens or our two hundred and fifty..... The more you have the more they eat... Unless you can make a dozen won’t do it with 250 either....
Well, my easel came today, so I’m gonna go up and start a pastel painting depicting one of our famous landmarks in the Katterskill Clove, called “Bastion Falls”. It’s located on route 23A, just below Haines Falls, as you ascend the mountain road. Its beauty is breath taking and I hope I can capture it in my painting. Let’s hope.

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