Wednesday, January 19

Wednesday, January 19, 2011...Snowed Today, Sun Tomorrow, But Oh My, Then Look Out......

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We had snow showers all day long here...adding an additional ½ inch of snow cover to the crusted sleet and frozen rail of yesterday. Tomorrow it is to be cold and clear...adding nothing in the way of snow fall, but not adding anything in the way of melting either. It is to be cold enough to hold everything right where we are for Friday’s next significant snow fall. Seems all we’re doing now is pouring diesel fuel through the tractor..... Constantly pushing snow, pushing snow!
The chickens are pissed that they have no where to go. They want out, but as soon as we leave them go, they walk the path tom the house out front and jump down into the window well under the picture window in the dining room. Usually there are eight hens standing in the window well, sucking up the heat coming from the basement. The others that won’t fit into the well cuddle close to the dark brown cedar logs of the house, enjoying the heat the sun gives to them. They sit right up against the logs and bury their heads under their wings and sleep the day away. It always amazes me that they do not stay in the comfy, warm (40°) barn heaped with fluffy dry wood chips. They have food and water there and could simply sleep in there as they do outside...only without a care in the world.
We went to New Jersey for the day on Sunday, where we spent the afternoon with our friends Jiri and Ericka. They are our friends from Slovakia, who recently bought twelve acres of land, with the intentions of moving up here to live and work, with retirement in mind soon. Just before leaving, our friend Linda and Winston, her Golden Retriever came to stay with the dogs and watch the house for us. The pellet stove broke down in the morning, and I checked it to see what was needed. I found that the auger would not shut off; clogging the fire pot with excess pellets, which then overheated the stove. We tried to locate a dealer that we could purchase a new control box from, but were half way to Jersey before receiving a call confirming the availability of a new control box...AT A MERE $315.00 COST!!!!! Being at their mercy, we ordered it to be shipped and arriving today. We left for Hannaford to grocery shop and upon our return; the control box was waiting on the porch....just as they promised. Within fifteen minutes I had the box swapped out and the stove running. It has been running superbly ever since.
After getting a bite to eat, I went to plow and push snow...getting ready for Friday, as I mentioned. All went well until the front end of the tractor broke traction while reversing and turning around after dumping a bucket of snow. The bucket swung against the pole light at the end of the driveway. There was a thud and very, very slowly, the pole light fell over, like a giant red oak tree...poofing down into the snow. One thing after another.....that’s what it always is....just one thing after another! Now I will have to repair that in the spring. (hopefully) Perhaps I will have to buy another boot section of the lamp from the manufacturer if it is available.
Tomorrow we return the Galaxy Tablet to the Radio Shack in Glenmont. We were holding it until the end of the month before returning it as a favor to the clerk, but with the $400.00 tractor repairs and now the $300.00 stove repairs, he needs to suck it up, like a big boy and take it back. ...Now! Sprint has no service here for the Tablet to work and there would be roving fees every time Vick used it. The Sprint people said, “Sorry, take it back to Radio Shack.” Tomorrow, that is what is happening. In the process, we will fill the diesel fuel cans to be ready for snow removal again on Friday.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, at least the house is toasty warm and comfortable again. There is nothing like good ol’ wood heat.....NOTHING!

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