Friday, February 18

Fri. Feb.18th, 2011... Here We Are...But Where Are We Going????

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The Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm was established in October of 2006 and has been going through developmental stages ever since. It began as a dream of Vick’s in Parlin New Jersey, long before she ever realized where it would be established, or when it would ever happen. She simply did not know the particulars, but was sure she would her dream of being in the Upstate region somewhere... living on a farm with animals all around her.
I had that same dream, but in a lousy little town in Central Pennsylvania. Little did we know that God and fate would bring us together and make both of our life long dreams come to fruition, here... together...
When Vick purchased the property, I was little more than a friend that sold her and her first husband, a puppy from my kennel in Pennsylvania. Through that puppy...Vick and I stayed in contact. We exchanged puppy pictures and talked kennel... but then as Carl, her husband, slowly yielded to pancreatic cancer; I tried to give her a shoulder to lean on, an ear that listened and a few words of support throughout that terrible ordeal. After Carl’s passing, she searched for property here in Upstate New York...near her family. She trusted me and as a friend, asked if I would look at the property she wanted to buy and make sure it was ok. I came up to help her and make sure she was not taken advantage of in her purchase. As fate and god’s plan intended.....I never left her side again, as I slowly becoming a tangible part of the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm and Vicki’s life. We ran and improved the farm together, increasing the number of animals and buildings. During July 2009, in between all the chores and expansions, we took time to get married. We continued to keep our shoulders to the grind stone and built, expanded the farm, adding critters.... expanding into, not only the poultry farm we were, but now progressed into the poultry and fiber farm we are today. We presently have three alpacas, three sheep and four Angora rabbits, that we harvest fiber from. Soon, we will add a black alpaca and a brown and white Llama to the mix. In the spring, we plan to add one or two angora rabbits, to replace those lost during this past year. We are also planning to expand the stall areas for the sheep and alpacas as soon as the snow melts and then add a little bit more roofing on that side. We also believe we will build a small farm store onto the front left of the barn to allow the refrigerator and finished fiber products and other farm items to be purchase ready from that little store. That has been a dream of erect a small farm store on site.
We have progressed to a temperature controlled “product” stand which now houses our products year round, making eggs, honey, jams, etc. available to our customers 24 hours a day, for purchase....even in blizzard conditions.

Years ago....when I was a lad of seven or eight, I remember taking a weekend ride with my parents to some place in Pennsylvania to see a herd of Buffalo on a farm. Along the way, we would stop at a place that had a caged black bear and a cougar. I remember the excitement and joy of going to that place, every time we went there. It was my chance to see what I could not see in my everyday, normal world.

That, I believe is where we want this farm to go. We do not care to get rich or even a little wealthy from the operation of it.....All we care to do, is have it, run it and have it pay for itself if possible. If the eggs, fiber and other products we sell will only support the existence of this farm, we will be satisfied. We want to provide for the youth of today, that same experience I had as a little boy when I ate my first Buffalo burger with fries.... or saw and heard that black bear as it grunted and begged for treats available from the coin operated dispenser.
My joy, along with Vick's, is the reward of living among the animals and seeing them thrive...
They are all comedians in their own right and make us smile or sometimes even laugh out loud. They are a joy to be around and brighten many people's day, including ours.
Our life is good....our life is our dream.... others share our little bit of paradise too!

037796Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

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