Saturday, February 19

Saturday, February 19, 2011... Living A Life Of Hot and Cold...One Day At A Time...

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Yesterday we were enjoying spring like weather and today, its winter again. The snow and ice melted quickly yesterday and flooded into the barn, making the wood chips on the floor spongy and messy. Now they will be frozen. I know before going out there, that the front door will be frozen shut....due to the water trapped in the door slot. We’ll have to access the barn from the chicken door or the bunny brothel’s outside door. Vick and I talked about this swing in climate and decided its winter! Having a day like yesterday was a gift to enjoy..... a kind of mid-winter break, so to speak and gives us no right to be mad or discouraged due to the returning cold. That is what winter is! Spring is just around the corner and at this time of the year, that is what happens..... A day of spring here, then lots more winter....Then a couple of days that are spring-like and then more winter. This goes on and on, until the amount of spring days becomes greater than the winter days. Soon, we will have all spring days, with an occasional winter day, and then summer will arrive as did spring. This goes on and on and on.....through all the seasons as they change and progress.
Yesterday, Vick and I hit the hospice gift shop hard and almost finished the ceiling installation. We decided to quit with only two rows to go because my knees were gone and we only have enough wood to finish....with none to spare. That would not be a good time to screw up a cut because I was beat and my legs hurt, so we are going to finish it today. As soon as we do finish the roof, we will jump into the car and go shopping for the wall board. We need to visit Home Depot, and GNH lumber to get prices on an eight inch, ship lapped, or tongue and grooved pine board with a double center bead and chamfered edges. We got a price from Lowe’s, but we now need to double check with Home Depot and again with GNH. All have given us discounts because it is for hospice, so the successful company will have their name added to the bronze plaque of volunteer supporters, which will hang inside the front door.
We’ll post pictures this afternoon of the gift shop with the stove in place and the ceiling completed. We’ll also click a few of the animals too.
Here are two pictures of the guys we hope to be adding to the farm soon. One is Joey....a black alpaca and the other is Wanderer....a brown and white Llama. We will be going to see these guys sometime next week...and hopefully bringing them home soon...maybe that day.
If so, that means I will be altering the barn much sooner than I expected....but who cares? Things seem to fly when you’re pushed by enjoyable happenings...AND the outcome is so very rewarding!

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This black guy is Joey.....
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This pretty brown and white guy is Wanderer....
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