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Sunday, March 20th... What a Great Day We Had Spending Time with Friend’s...

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Wow, yesterday was phenomenal, to say the least. We spent a little time with just about every one of our close friends, except Judy......
In the morning, Linda dropped Winston off just before going to work. Later, just after 1:00 pm, Dawna and Isabelle pulled in to go with Vick and I to the Helderburg area, to see an alpaca and a Llama. Wanderer was the Llama we thought we might be getting, along with Giuseppe but, upon viewing them at the farm today, we decided to take Joey only and pass on wanderer. He has a foot issue and we’re not eager to dive into corrective action to take care of it. Besides, if Isabelle is lucky enough to sell her house and move to Florida, we told her we would take Max....her Llama, so it is probably a good decision, because we only need one Llama on the farm. Below is a picture of Joey, who is a nine year old cutie. He was docile and friendly upon our meeting, which is a good sign. We checked him all over and hung on him to see if he was skittish or nasty, but he passed with flying colors, even allowing Isabelle to lift and check both front feet. Not bad for an animal around strangers! He was actually more comfortable around us yesterday than Iggy and Luke are with Vick and me after two years of caring for them! We’re looking forward to picking Joey up today and bringing him home with us.
We worked in the gift shop yesterday afternoon, installing the picture rail around the top perimeter of the wall. This is the strip that the art hooks will be placed upon to hang the art on the walls. It has a lip on the top that special brass “S” hooks hang on so you don’t have to pound nails into the walls at different locations all the time. You simply stick an “S” hook where you want a picture to hang and slide the cable hook up or down to align your hanging artworks. It is such an easy, neat idea for displaying artwork.
After getting all the animals put down and locked in for the night, we met Linda, our friend, at the Hollowbrook Restaurant for a pizza dinner which we would enjoy while listening to “The Rebound Boys”. Steve and Ted sound just as good this year as last and while talking to Steve during a break, I found they will again perform on Wednesday evenings, at the Veterans Park Gazebo in Greenville this summer. We listened to them several times last summer, while eating a sandwich and sipping on an iced drink after a hard days work on the farm.
ALSO.....on Friday evening, Vick and I attended our niece’s last school play in Tannersville. On the way up to Tannersville, we drove through the Katterskill Clove. That is where the Katterskill Falls, Bastian Falls and the Katterskill Creek are located. This Clove is rich in historical sites such as the ones I’ve already mentioned and what remains of the landmarks from years gone by, like the Catskill Mountain House, the Laurel House or Haines Falls. You can see a video Vick made of Bastian Falls by clicking on this link and going to’s beautiful.
Check back this evening to see pictures of Joey mingling with Iggy and Luke, if we’re lucky enough to get him home today.

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