Friday, March 18

Friday, March 18th... Have You Ever...Did You Ever...Would You Ever....Jeeze Um....

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I’m in a grand funk right now.....Although things are good; I just can’t seem to convince myself of such! It’s as if nothing goes right.....yet nothing’s wrong...just the fact that I can’t seem to get my butt moving in the right direction. I’ve been messing with the hospice computer...trying to get it up and running, but there is a problem which won’t allow sound or an internet connection. I’ll contact a place in Albany to see what the charge will be to have them check it out. I think I deleted a driver when I unloaded AOL, since we’ll not be on-line in the gift shop and it takes up so much space and tries to connect every time you use the computer. After losing the sound driver....I reloaded the recovery disc, blowing everything out and replacing all the factory setting, but the sound never returned. A setting or a blown sound card?????? Who knows....but I can’t get it to recover!!!!
I need to finish the trim on the ceiling, inside of the hospice gift shop. The carpet arrived yesterday, so we need to finish with the saws and sawdust before laying the carpet. The delivery guy from Tip Top Furniture will give us a hand installing it when we’re ready.
We also need to measure and check on lumber for the barn expansion. We are going Saturday morning to check out a Llama and another alpaca, then if our friends Isabelle and Ralph are lucky enough to sell their house, we’ll take Max, her big male Llama and any of her alpacas she needs a home for, so we need to expand. I don’t mind, because we initially ordered 100 fence posts last evening and soon will pick up a post hole digger to mount on the Cub Cadet tractor, allowing us to fence the entire property for alpacas and sheep. First though, we must expand the housing stalls in the barn to accommodate the added animals.
I also need to measure, plan and move on the farm store we are going to build against the barn once it is expanded.......but first things first!
Yesterday afternoon, we had our annual invitation to a St Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage at our friend’s house. We go every St. Patrick’s Day, and have come to really look forward to it. Joan makes such a delicious meal and we really enjoy visiting with Joan and Charlie. It’s a crime that we don’t get together more often for wine and cheese over a chat visit when they are only a ¼ of a mile down the road......hardly excusing our only seeing them a few times a year...
Upon contemplation, I suppose the thing for me to do to feel better, is to make a list of things needing done and at least go measure, plan and compose a lumber list for the barn expansion, the farm store and where and how many fence posts we will set to make the fencing. We’ll decide where to erect it first and how to proceed as time passes. I also need to get the brooding house ready because Vick wants to order about fifty Araucana or Americana pullet chicks to start and meat chicks a little later on. I’ll have to install a fenced area for those meat birds to keep them separated from the layers this year so we can pump the good feed to them and still keep them “all natural”. They will have special feed and free range in an outside, enclosed fencing area.
I believe once the list is completed and I have that to work against, the computer is resolved and we get the carpet down in the gift shop so we can proceed, I’ll feel normal again. The rest will simply be fun work to accomplish from day to day.

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