Wednesday, March 16

Wed. March 16th...Yesterday...a Waste, Except for a Relaxing Ride to Glenmont...

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Yesterday I met with a fellow who is going to do some excavation work for us later on, which will keep the water out of the barn this summer during any torrential downpours from thunderstorms, all day raining and next winter when the snows melt. We were going to rent the excavator and do it ourselves, but it will most likely be cheaper to have Steve do it. The total cost for him will be less than the excavator rental and pipe if I had done the work. I can easily run the equipment....heck, I’ve run dozers, excavators and skid steer loaders before, but I’m not nearly as fast as Steve, nor as precise. He will remove the Ash tree next to the barn too, relieving us of that worry later. We’ll drain from the front and rear of the barn...through piping, into the pond, giving all the pooled rain and melted snow a place to go. Keeping the inside of the barn dry is the only way to control disease, mold and germs without chemicals, so it has to be done for the welfare of the animals.
After Steve left, I started working on the gift shop computer system. I had an old XP T-1100 e-machine that I set up, but it took about 20 minutes to boot up and didn’t operate just right. It is now in the garbage container awaiting next week’s pickup. I then put my newer (spare) W3502 e-machine from the house and it didn’t work either. I didn’t have any sound...which was important, because we want to play mood music through it such as flute, piano and mellow classical selections. By this time, I was getting impatient, so I chucked it all and we headed for Glenmont Staples, so Vick could pick up a new wireless mouse and file hangers. I needed the break away from uncooperative computer equipment anyway. While at Staples, I talked to one of their Easy Tech’s and he advised me to do a restore on the machine. GREAT IDEA..... I didn’t need anything on the computer from before, because we will not be on-line...and will only have the QuickBooks program installed to operate the gift shop....SO, when we got home, I grabbed the restore disc and ran it. Immediately upon completion, the computer said, “Error, Error, Error, Wook out...its donna splode”. That really bummed me and I locked the door and headed into the house.....really perplexed, wondering why that would happen and contemplating what to do next. Of course, I should have simply asked my intelligent and beautiful wife what I had done wrong. I would have saved a lot of time had I tapped her problem solving ability from the git-go. She listened to me bitch and complain for a few minutes, then asked me, “Are you sure you ran the right restore program?” A DUH....did she think I was stupid? WELL, I WAS!!!
I ran the disc from the computer I whipped into the trash bin! ( I believe that was the old computer’s way of getting back at me for throwing it in the trash!
Anyway.... I will run the correct program today and hope for a better day than yesterday. Thank God I have Vick to turn to for sanity at times..... I need her badly.
I did rip a board to show Vick, so she can see if it will work as an art rail for on the wall which will allow us to hang art without nails. The art pictures will simply hang on wire hooked to metal clips which hang over the wooden rail. Vick needs to approve the design, and then we will cut enough to go around the perimeter of the room.
We are so close to opening that we are now throwing out a plea for any and all artist who would care to donate an item of art for sale in the gift shop. Just email us at or or to inform us that you would like to donate an item and we will email you back with information to get it to the gift shop. We will immediately provide you with a formal receipt for the value you set on your item and it will be fully tax deductible for you at tax time.
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