Wednesday, March 23

Wed. March 23rd... Here We Go Again With The Winter Stuff... Knock It Off!!!

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They are calling for 5 – 8 inches around here today, into tonight and tomorrow morning. If it does snow 8”, I’m just gonna roll over tomorrow morning and call the day off due to lack of interest!!! The only good thing is that if it does snow that much, it will melt just as fast. That will in turn piss the chickens off, who are just now getting over the last flood in their coop. They only started laying normally the last day or so. We have customers who are disappointed that they were not able to get their regular egg purchases for about two weeks (since the really warm days when the big snow melted so fast)
I’ve been putting stuff on eBay left and right, to raise some extra change to use toward purchasing the post hole digger, but as yet, we haven’t hit on anything anyone really wants to buy... Oh well, we’ll keep trying. I have a video game system to put up and I just finished putting a lot of jewelry on. Vick has some really expensive stuff she wants to sell, but I don’t know if we’ll put them on eBay or not. We had them and some of the better costume stuff I added to eBay in a jewelry store in Catskill for awhile, but that didn’t pan out. Catskill is such a dumpy, poor town to display jewelry in. We should have placed them in Windham, Rhinebeck or possible Albany. If you’re interested in looking....just click “HERE” and it will take you to my eBay page.
Yesterday we got a call from Isabelle that she wanted to get Guiseppe & Rifiki inside the barn, in a separate stall, so they are ready for the Vet on Monday, but was having trouble getting them in and would like our help if we could come down. We took off and when we got there, she had Rifiki in the barn entry, but he had cushed there and wouldn’t move. I latched onto him and dragged him through the entry and into the stall. As son as I did this and he was in the stall, he gave in, stood up and became the sweet, docile little boy he is, allow us to pet and hug him. We cut the hair around both Guiseppe (Joey) and Rifiki’s (Ricki) eyes, so they could see better and they seemed too really like that. Below are a few pictures; one before the cutting and one after.
We need to empty the gift shop of all things, so we can put the carpet down this evening if Mark can do it. The building needs emptied anyway, so today seems like a good day for that. I also have to resolve the blown headlights on the John Deere. Perhaps it blew both bulbs when the battery wire burnt off the other night. We’ll see when I go out and take the bulbs out. It really needs fixed though, because we use the tractor all year long for farm work, moving feed and staying out of the mud on foot.
Well, I see the snow is starting and I have lots to do before it starts piling up....

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Joey (black) & Ricki before trimming their hair........

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After the cut..........
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