Wednesday, March 2

Wed. March 2nd... A Good Day Breeds Smiles Which A Bad Day Takes Away...

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We started the morning off in a pretty good way....not wading a lot of water in the barn, lots of chicken eggs and the ducks laid a good dozen or so too. We decided to go to Ravena and visit the welding shop to pick up a No. 10 welding lens for my new welding helmet and a few clear protectors. While there, we took the oxygen tank, the regulators and torch burning head along for him to check out. We are planning to purchase an acetylene tank to make a functioning burning set again. We brought the torch set-up from New Jersey. It belonged to Carl, Vick’s departed husband who had a garage and used the torch along with a welder all the time while fixing cars. We picked up a cheap little buzz box welder from Harbor Freight last fall and now we’re ready to make repairs on the farm to eliminate running all over for someone else to fix things for us. I also used to stick weld and cut to fabricate for 37 years in my career from which I retired. Right now, I have a trailer ramp to repair, before we can use the trailer to haul the tractor again...I need to weld up the broken aluminum base to the lamp post in the driveway I bumped and broke while plowing snow, and other things that might pop up. Just two weeks ago, I welded up a cast iron bracket for the propane heater in the hospice gift shop. I stepped back and onto the hose of the heater and snapped the ⅛” thick bracket. If it hadn’t been for having the welder, we would have been out of heat until we found someone to weld it. ANYWAY......when we got to the welding store, the guy checked everything and it all worked like new. All I had to buy was a regulator gauge. The oxygen tank is being hydrostatically tested and then he will fill it with oxygen and we will purchase the acetylene tank and we’ll be in burning business. From there we went on into Glenmont for an appointment at Staples, for them to check Vick’s PC tower. It won’t play CD’s or DVD’s anymore. While we were there, we bought a new external hard drive for back-up. It holds 2 Terabytes of data.....WOW!!!
The tractor ran out of gas on the way back from the hen house......right in the middle of the mud. I had to trudge through the mud to get back to the house, so I was so frustrated that I figured I’d let the #&%%$_#+ thing set and get gas when we got home. When we got home, I went to get the gas can so we could go to Cumberland farms and fill it to fill the tractor, but there was gas in the can! Damn!! I poured it into the tractor and got on to start it and noticed the key was on.......Jeeze Um!!! The battery was dead! Now we’re off to get the Cub Cadet and jumpers to jump start the John Deere....... I was half way to the Jon Deere when the diesel ran out of fuel. Now I’m pissed!!!!! Seems we sprung a leak in the diesel line somewhere and dumped an entire tank of diesel on the ground. NOT MY DAY!!!
I got the extension cord and battery charger....hooked it up and within ten minutes started the john Deere. Now tomorrow I’ll worry with the diesel and that leak...filling it and bleeding filters to get it running. Not in the dark....
So here we are....with all that to look forward to today. First, I gotta go and see if I can get Vick’s computer to play CD’s & DVD’s since Staples couldn’t fix it. Some things you just gotta do yourself...... Every time I took my computer to them after a crash, they diddled around with it and I had to being it home, bite the bullet and fix it myself, usually losing data files and pictures.....sometimes not though. Wish me luck! I certainly will need it and all of it I can get from all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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