Friday, April 1

Friday, April 1st... We’re As Busy As An Armless Monkey in a Banana Factory......

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It’s TRUE!! We’re so danged busy we can’t get everything done or even watch TV! Yesterday, we spent the day doing some electrical work for our neighbors that helped me with the QuickBooks training. In removed some old wiring and installed a few new receptacles...essentially a usual day’s work amounting to about $525.00. I’m satisfied that I repaid her for her time and expertise with mine and we’re even. Today, Vick had her eyes checked and new glasses made. She will pick them up next week. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the hill towns of East Berne and pick up a bunch of 2” x 11” lumber we ordered to build six 4’ x 8’ raised beds and 4” fence posts for around it in the side yard. There will also be enough 2x4’s, 10” boards and posts to enlarge part of the barn and build a run in shed for the new alpacas coming soon. Next I need to order the rest of the lumber to expand the side of the barn itself and order enough to build the projected farm store ASAP. We also have the first 100 white cedar fence posts ordered for pickup soon too. Once picked up, we can start sinking fence posts all over the property in a planned sequence to provide new pastures for the sheep and alpacas for the summer and erect a fenced in area around the brooding house to pen up our meat birds all summer long, giving us the opportunity to raise multiple flocks of broilers. The turkey house attached to the big barn and bunny brothel is already finished and ready for occupation this spring for multiple raisings of turkeys to sell and then the gala event around Thanksgiving and Christmas again. Like I said....Busy, Busy, Busy! We are now a part of the community treasure map which gives all the little businesses around the area great exposure by saturating stores and restaurants with a flyer that has a map attached to the back which will show our location on the map. There will be a separate page for each business and an area for business card advertisements. It’s going to be a great idea for all the little businesses involved.... We can’t wait for it to come out.

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