Monday, April 4

Monday, April 4th... Rain Is Good! (Especially when it could have been snow...)

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Well, here we are at the beginning of the week, I feel much better and it is raining, so feeling much better is about as good as it gets. I will admit that since this could be snow, I’m not all that upset that it is raining, and tomorrow will be another day......another day that can quickly dry out. If it had snowed again, we would again be thrust into a spring melt condition with mud and water everywhere, the chickens pouting and another long wait for dry conditions before we can get to the building projects. A new friend by the name of Mark, from Tip Top furniture is coming on Wednesday at 9:00 or 10:00 to donate his time at helping us to fit the carpet in the hospice gift shop. He helps with installations in folks homes when Tip Top sells them carpet, and when he delivered our carpet, we found out he is friends with our friend Judy, so he decided he wanted to help us with the hospice building too. Once that is completed, we’ll start to really finish up inside there and hang art work that we’ve received already. We will also let the other pledges know we are ready for their art and will receive it into the gallery. We still need to get the computer fixed and it sure isn’t worth spending a lot of money on it since we can buy a new tower for a song and a dance, but it would have been nice to find a person who can fix it as a donation. We have spent so much of our own money getting this gallery built, that it has to stop somewhere. We’ve decided that once the shop is completed and we start stocking it with artwork, we will not put anymore of our money into it as a donation. We still have all the lighting and art hanging system to buy and install yet, but after that, we’re done. I guess today would be a good day to go to Lowe’s or somewhere and pick up the big screws we’ll need for our garden’s raised beds. We’ll use three to a corner on the 2x11 planks that will make up the six 4’ by 8’ beds. It will be so nice to have a garden of six raised beds with landscape fabric between and around them to stop the weeds from growing. There will be a four foot cyclone fence around the entire garden, with a few electric strands around the top if needed, to keep the deer out. There is a light rubber mat at tractor supply that comes in a roll that we have to investigate. It might work and last much better than landscape fabric, if it isn’t real expensive. We would need 188’ of fabric or that rubber to surround all six beds by three feet. It will probably be more expensive than all the other materials combined since it would eliminate weeds. We’ll check with Tractor Supply and see as soon as we get up there. Yowl........ We went to Lowe’s and got the four lights for the ceiling and 36 bags of Sackcrete for the duck pond. The beaver dam let loose with the spring melt and since the beavers have moved upstream, they have no interest in coming down here to fix the old dam, so it’s up to us. We will simply lay the 36 bags of Sackcrete across the breeched dam and let the water to our pond regain it’s depth by a good foot again. Hopefully making a brick dam out of bags will fill just like a block wall and then seal between the bags with muck and loom from the stream. When Mark helps us on Tuesday morning with the carpet, I’ll be able to install the four ceiling lights and the one across the end and the lighting will be completed for the present. We’ll also need to go pick up 70 linear feet of 1 by 4 board for the floor board around the perimeter of the building and then install the quarter round in the corners. We can then install the computer cupboard/counter...and then start hanging artwork! Racing for the May (?) deadline for an opening....Pushing and hoping..... Hoping and praying! We met a slight delay in the garden department. The bolts we need to assemble the four foot by eight foot 2”x11” planks are $1.19 each and we need about three to a corner......times four...times six... or about $85.68 for stupid bolts! We think Lowe’s rapes their customers with fasteners, so we will check at the hardware in Bennington, Vermont. It has everything and we’ve bought bolts there entire 10 lb. box (over a hundred) for less than what Lowe’s was charging for a box of 25. We need to go up to the Toyota dealer to pick up a bottle of touch-up paint we ordered anyway, so we’ll just stop and check on bolts. I’m excited....a day in Vermont and lunch...... That’s almost like farmer’s market season......Can’t wait!!!!! Remove Formatting from selection

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