Saturday, April 30

Saturday, April 30, 2011...The Run-in Shed Is Done...Now For The Fence & Wall...

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Okay Ya’ll.... here’s the pictures I promised I would post last night, but until we were done building at light speed, put the animals away, cleaned up and ate, we were wasted!!!!! The picture of the garden was through a screened window upstairs, so I could get perspective of its size and shape. The run-in shed is now understandably two-sided and accessed from either pasture. The barn side will be open to the post where the light is mounted and the back wall & door will be moved out to that post with the light, enlarging the inside of the barn. The outside porch roof will also move out 6 or 8 feet further so there is an overhead for the animals to get under and out of the sun and weather.
There will be more pictures to follow with the windbreaker wall and the fencing, tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how tired we are tonight.

The first five pictures are from the day before yesterday...just the framing is there. We are being watched closely by the sheep & alpacas...really, really close! After these pictures, comes the garden from upstairs and then yesterdays construction.

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