Sunday, April 10

Sunday, April 10th...Getting done getting done and moving on...

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We're finished with the hospice gift shop for the time being. The inside is actually finished and we're awaiting the picture hanging items so we can start to hang the donated items being delivered or that we pick up in our travels. The lighting looks great, which you will see this evening when I post again. This is just to let you know that it's done....we've repaired the breeched beaver dam in the Pupskill Lake Mill Dam River Creek. We have built three on the six raised beds for the garden and as soon as we can back to them (after lunch probably) we'll finish the other three and place them. We will then be ready for top soil....Then the fenching around it.

In the mean time, until we get the dirt...we'll dig a few post holes and start the alpaca run-in shed on the end of the barn.

Until this evening when I will post pictures, enjoy your weekend.......

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