Thursday, April 7

Thursday, April 07, 2011... Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday to You...

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Today was my wonderful, sexy, beautiful, young and intelligent wife’s birthday! Today was her day....Her day to do whatever she wanted... and as usual, she wanted to go get stuff for the farm and hospice gift shop, so off we went to Lowe’s in Catskill to buy twelve more bags of concrete to replace the ones that disintegrated and washed downstream. This time, we laid them out on the ground and soaked the bags, to allow them to harden lying flat on the ground and then we’ll lay them in the breeched section of the dam in midstream in a few days. This time when we place them in the middle, we’ll put some silt and mud in front of them, so it is drawn into the cracks and seals them off, allowing the overflow to cross the top of the dam as it should instead of squirting through everywhere there is a crack. The reason for doing this is that the ice took out the beaver dam which caused our pond level to drop well over a foot. The beavers went upstream and are not interested in repairing the breech in this downstream pond we have to do it ourselves....and we will...all in good time... (When the bags harden)

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Now...on a very serious note, we are starting a collection campaign here on, our web page and facebook, to help raise some much needed financial help to aid in pay the outrageously high expenses which are accruing for Matthew Rosiello, grandson of Vick’s late husband, Carl. All Donations will directly benefit the 21 year old by helping to defer the Tremendous & Overwhelming costs for his Life Saving Liver Transplant which will take place in Ohio, far from their Staten Island, New York home. You can imagine the colossal expenses incurred by the family since half the family must temporarily move to the Ohio area, where Matthew must live to be eligible for the operation. His chances of receiving a liver if he waits in New York are impossible because of the number of people on the list, so that forces the family to split, half to live and work in one place as the other half awaits, in the event they receive a call that a liver becomes available. Matthew’s father must remain in New York to work at his job and manage things there, while Matthew and Randy...his Mom, must live in Ohio. Maintaining two residences, food costs and Matthews medical expenses are overwhelming to say the least, so we are hoping you can see it in your hearts to hit the donate button and give a generous donation to ease the financial burden placed on Matthew and his family. They really need your generous donations....

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