Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday, April 06, 2011...Up To Our Eyeballs With To Much To Do......

In just a few hours, Mark will be here to install the carpet in the hospice gift shop. He is the one we need to ensure the carpet is down correctly and will be covered by the kick board around the bottom. As soon as he is done with the installation, we’ll order some pizza and have lunch with Mark and Judy, our soap & Jam friend. Judy and Mark’s sister are very good friends, so we asked Judy to come over and hang while Mark is here installing the carpet and we’d all have lunch afterward. The guy from Cub Cadet in Altamont called and said we could come and pick up the post hole auger anytime we wanted, if we were still interested in it. We need it badly to start the run-in shed for the alpacas, sink post holes around the new raised bed garden and for fence installation all over the property after we get the first 100 fence posts. We want to create a bunch of small pastures which we can use intermittently to browse the sheep and alpacas in all summer long. It will eliminate mowing while providing pasture browse for the animals. It makes absolutely no sense to mow off grass and buy hay for them.....let them eat the nice moist grass..... Anyway, I need days like this to get the raised beds made, sink post holes, start the run-in shed, start the barn expansion, start the construction of the farm store and finish the hospice gift shop for a May opening.......Whew, I’m beat, I think I’ll have breakfast...
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