Thursday, April 21

Thursday, April 21, 2011...We Need To Live Our Lives Rolling With The Flow...

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We definitely need to learn how to live by rolling with the flow and taking things as they come, rather than worrying about things and rushing through our days, missing out on the joy of living. Often I find that we are so obsessed with getting something done, that we miss the fun in doing it, or the other things which we can participate in while doing it and all the things we could have done if we can’t do the original planned task or project. A good example will be the trip we are planning this Sunday. New York's Washington County Farm & Fiber Tour is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday and we’re going....YES... on Easter Sunday, but we’re going! Our friend Isabelle is going to spend the day with us, as we drive from farm to farm visiting sheep and alpaca farmers, seeing their farms, making new friends and learning....always learning from other farmers. We will also visit Fiber Kingdom, a working Angora fiber farm and fiber shop, where we’ll see Sylvia Graham’s bunnies and latest projects, fibers and supplies.
I know at some point in we’re driving around, both Vick and I will think of all the things we have to do at home, like the started projects and other things we should be doing instead of running around wasting gas, but that is what I’m talking about. We need to learn to roll with the flow, take it as it comes and remember that tomorrow is another day. We have to learn to do what we like to do, even though we have other things to do, because we have missed much of our lives in the last few years being tied to the farm so tightly...desiring to achieve building and expanding the farm. It will come! It will materialize even though we stop to smell the roses. We have many, many things planned for this summer as part of our expansion, here on the farm. There is the grand opening of the hospice gift shop, planned for May sometime, the expansion of the barn, the building of a run-in shed, the farm store and finishing the garden and fencing around it. There are many feet of fencing for pastures in the yard which we want to build....and fencing in the perimeter of the brooding house for meat birds to free range as they grow. The latest is the tool shed/welding shop which I want to build. We need desperately, a place to house all our tools, to eliminate the many areas taken up by storage of the stuff now. It will free up the potting shed so Vick can actually us it for flowers and potting them... the basement work bench area...a couple of drawers in the house which houses tolls of varying degrees and areas in the barn and Wilson (storage) house. The building will be large enough to house our tooling and equipment and serve as a repair shop and welding business for the area. It seems no one up in this predominantly lazy state wants to perform small welding repair and fabrication jobs for folks. I therefore will pick up the abundant income of providing such a service for local people by performing what I did during a career of 37 years in the manufacturing and design fabrication!
Now... you say this is a lot that we have on our plate? NOT...if we take it as it comes, when it comes...and not fuss and fume about it. It will all come in its own time...if not today, then tomorrow.
In the mean time, I’m gonna be bee-boppin’ around, smellin’ the roses.......

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