Wednesday, April 20

Wednesday, April 20, 2011...Rainy Days in April Always Abound...It’s Normal...

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April showers, brings May flowers. That is how it’s been forever and that’s how it will remain until the end of time. It’s a time when we all just have to stay the course and hang in there, until summer arrives and then we can look forward to the heat and drought.
Yesterday, we stopped at Ravena to see if the guy at the welding shop could do a little aluminum welding for us since our welder isn’t heavy enough to do it, but he declined, saying he doesn’t do aluminum welding repairs. He gave us a name of a guy in the area, but told us that no one really wants to do odd welding jobs...and if they do, they realize that their expertise is worth big bucks, so be prepared.
We’ve decided that since I have welding expertise derived from 37 years of doing welding & fabrication, I might as well build a shop, buy a good welder and put out a shingle! Jeeze um...I’ve enjoyed doing this for all those years, so why not pull in some extra income and fill a nitch in our area by doing miscellaneous welding repairs and fabrication work. It will be a great way to subsidize the farm costs and make needed repairs here. I can also fabricate the things we need instead of laying out big bucks for already produced items. So...that is what we are going to do. I already have a metal brake, grinders, air chippers and such and we have a light welder which is good for light gauge steel and cast iron repairs. Buying one with a 225 to 300 Amp rating in AC/DC will fit the bill for all I’ll ever need. We also have an acetylene outfit for cutting and if things take off as I project...a plasma cutter, a tig outfit and a drop saw could be in the future. It’s something I’ll really enjoy doing when work comes in.
Busy, busy, busy...that’s what we like to be...............

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