Monday, April 18

Monday, April 18, 2011... A Little Work Today and Then A Bit of driving and Visiting Tomorrow...

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Today we’ll work outside all day and then Tomorrow, head to the mountains.... Up there we will visit Vick’s parents, brother and family for dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve visited; with all the projects we’ve had going and the cold weather. When winter rolls around, being up on Vly Mountain is not a pleasant thing to experience, because when it rains in Greenville, it snows on the mountain. Just the other day, it was snowing up there...and it wouldn’t be odd to have an inch or two of sloppy, wet snow into the month of May! It doesn’t last....sometimes melting an hour after it stops snowing, or maybe it doesn’t even stick on the ground, but it still snows, so the air temperature is COLD up there! Yesterday, we were visited by Dawna, our friend who likes to come and clean, care for and play with her sheep, or simply visit and talk with us. While she was here, Joan, our artist friend from Schoharie, came to drop off a beautiful display piece for the hospice gift shop and a bunch of merchandise she picked up for us at a little store up that way. We unloaded the things into the gift shop and took off for the Yellow Deli in Oak Hill. There we got a sandwich and soup for lunch and topped it off with a blueberry smoothie for desert. They are delicious, healthy and the greatest treat a dieting person could ever enjoy. It’s like eating an ice cream sundae, but it’s all fruit, apple cider, and ice. NO SUGAR or milk fat at all, but simply delicious to the very end! Vick and I are going to use these as our summer treat when it is hot and we crave something like a milkshake or ice cream. They certainly can’t hurt you and blueberries are so very good for you. It’s a win, win situation!!!!! We’ll let the animals out all day long because we will keep them in tomorrow because of going to the mountain and not returning before dark, so it will again be a treat to try feeding and gathering eggs without any escapee’s. Perhaps we can sink a few posts around the garden after they deliver the soil this morning...and then we can go for the fencing at our friend’s house too. We’ll do what we can until dark and we can no longer work outside.

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