Sunday, April 17

Sunday, April 17, 2011...Today is Windy and Cold...But No Rain Is Falling......

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Remove Formatting from selection Yesterday was a bust...but turned out okay as far as the dogs go.... Casey Mae saw the vet, got a shot to stop the vomiting and we were told to hold food and water. Food for 24 hours...water for eight and then give ¼ cup, increasing to ½ cup later and this evening give a little blank soft food. When we got her home, we witnessed Dutchess throwing up too...and I swore I saw Princess yerking around yesterday morning, but not throwing up. It might just be that there is a doggy virus going around, among our doggies! This morning, none of them looked sick and none craved water either. They all looked for food, indicating that they were back to normal, but we’ll see this evening when Casey Mae has her first bland food. We might give Dutchess a little of that too, to allow her belly to settle some since she was throwing up yesterday too. Once we got home and situated, we took the truck and trailer over to Judy’s house, picked her up and went to Lowe’s to get her dog runs. She purchased two 10 x 10 x 6 runs for Katrina, her puppy. We will unload them today, since we just unhitched the trailer and returned home yesterday, due to the cold damp and rainy conditions. We decided we would go over today and set the runs up since they weren’t calling for rain and it wouldn’t be so bone chilling. Today’s wind is cold, but not damp, so we’ll be fine working out in it to help Judy, if she wants to do it. Perhaps this afternoon when we get back I’ll put in a few more fence posts or start working on the run-in shed if it’s too wet to dig. There’s always something we can do. If we decide it’s still too cold in the windy conditions today, we’ll sit on the sofa again, in front of the fire, like yesterday. There are far worse ways to spend a Sunday!

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