Saturday, April 16

Saturday, April 16, 2011...Off To The Vet With A Sick Dog...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With a ton of work to do and a short window of good weather to do it in....we are heading to the vet with a dog that wants to regularly throw up again! The last time, you recall....was a two thousand dollar event and she is acting much in the same way again, so we will probably have an x-ray to start things off. We will go to New Baltimore Animal Hospital by 9:00 this morning to see what they recommend. We’ll keep you posted throughout the day with little blurbs...... Yesterday we worked on the garden, after a lot of running around to pick up stuff. We got more landscape fabric, the fitting for the reverse osmosis system we needed and other little things, (like diesel fuel and gas) before returning and getting to work. Below are pictures of the raised beds with the dirt in the boxes, (as much as we had) all the stones on the walkways and perimeters and two fence posts installed on the rear corners. If it doesn’t rain and we get back in good time, I’ll install more fence posts across the rear side until we get more dirt. If it rains.....all bets are off...........

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