Friday, April 15

Friday, April 15th... A Broken Hose Halted the Day....But It Was Dark Anyway......

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Yesterday we worked on the raised bed garden after some running in the morning and afternoon. We started out by doing our regular errand tasks and moved on to picking up some gating from our friend Judy and Isabelle. Judy gave us two nice, light metal gates which will be used in the fencing of the installed at the barn allowing passage to the pond and small barn area, the other installed in the new front pasture, where we are building the run-in shed. Isabelle’s large gate will be used into another pasture area...possibly to the west side pasture around the raised garden. We will still need a gate at the west side of the yard to access the garden area then, but will have all the grazing pasture the animals will ever want. (And no mowing for us either!) Vick also wants a gate into the dog run so we can use the riding mower to mow the grass in there too. Isabelle gave us 4 big corral fence panels with a contained gate section and a panel gate section too. They will come in very handy if we need to separate some animals temporarily, or take the somewhere to show. We still have to pick up the second fence at Judy’s house, but we are there everyday to leave Kat out for her potty break while Judy is working, so we’ll pick it up then. We got the “weed block” landscaping material down all around the raised beds and stone on them for the walkways last evening...and would have completed that portion, had I not blew a hydraulic line to the bucket. Oh was just about dark by then anyway. We’ll have to get that replaced this morning to be ready to finish the stones and fill the beds with the great top soil Halstead brought us yesterday afternoon. We’ll work on that this afternoon when we get back from Vick’s hair-cut at 11:00 in Coxsackie. I’d like to finish the stone, topsoil and start sinking fence posts where the little pink flags are. We also need to buy a small gate for the that is nice and will keep bunnies out! We’ll get that at Greene County Horseshoe Supply. Butch is just down the road from us and has all kinds of farm stuff available. Well... I better get moving and get that hose off so I can run to the shop and get a new one made...... Check back later for an update of our adventures!

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