Thursday, April 14

Thursday, April 14, 2011...Starting Another Good Day With Lots To Do.......

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Yesterday it rained most of the morning and into the afternoon, then into the evening off and on. Although it didn’t rain hard, it was enough that the guy didn’t come with the top soil, because he said it was actually mud when he called. I expected that, so wasn’t surprised and continued to do as we planned, by going to Lowe’s...where we picked up a bundle of one hundred treated landscape timbers. They are perfect for fence posts...are treated...straight...have nice flat sides for boards or wire to be attached and are very affordable at $2.65 each. We had a hundred white cedar posts ordered from a guy that told us he needed a month to get them out of where ever he stored them, but now will not return our calls....after three messages on his machine. Soooooooo, we opted to write him off and go with these posts for 15¢ more apiece. At least now I can start installing the fence-line between the barn and the house, which might keep a portion of the 250 chickens, 65 ducks and 28 Guinea Fowl out of the flower beds around the house. While at Lowe’s yesterday, we picked up a Whirlpool reverse osmosis water system which I will now install in place of the extremely expensive Culligan system we had previously. That shouldn’t take very long since the lines are all still there. Hopefully the top soil will be delivered today and stock piled over in the area where we store stone. We also have to go to Judy’s house for a gate and then down to Isabelle’s house for a gate. I believe we need to buy one gate right now for the garden, but once this stuff is picked up, we’ll have enough materials to work on projects for the month, without leaving the farm......maybe. If all goes well, we might even start on the run-in shed framing.....that would be cool....

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