Wednesday, April 13

Wednesday, April 13th... Looks Like Rain Will Dampen The Building...BUT The Soil Comes Anyway!!!

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Remove Formatting from selection If it rains all day, we will not get any of the run-in shed built, but we’ll still use the day to our advantage by going to Lowe’s and picking up a reverse osmosis water system like the one Culligan just removed from here. It did a fantastic job of purifying the water and removing any odor of sulfur, (which we have this time of the year) but continuing to rent it for $360.00 per year is foolish, when we can buy a very similar unit from Lowe’s for $139.00. We attempted to buy the Culligan unit, but after using it for two years....and paying that rental of $720.00, they still wanted an additional $800.00 for the installed unit, so we had them yank it and we’re done with Culligan. So now......we’re off to Lowe’s for their little $139.00 system and a pre-filter to install just before entering the reverse osmosis unit...and today being’s a great time to go get it and install it. Tomorrow may bring nice sunny weather again and we’ll resume building then. We’ll go to Lowe’s sometime today....after they deliver the topsoil Vick ordered yesterday for the raised bed garden. We’ll have them dump it off to the side and I’ll bucket it into the beds later. We need to decide what to do under and between the beds to eliminate weeds and keep it neat and orderly. Once that is finished and the beds are filled, we’ll start setting posts for the fence and gate. We have everything we need for that project.....all we need is time and good weather now. We also have to pick up the gate from Judy and the three rolls of fencing from Charlie, but we can get that stuff anytime. Art is beginning to arrive for the hospice gift shop. We are accumulating many beautiful paintings from local artists. Hopefully, the hanging system components will arrive by early next week (they say sent out of Canada on Thursday) so we can start hanging the artworks and position shelves for the pottery and other non-picture art. The computer is still at “Radical Systemz” in Greenville, where the guy is first checking it and then hopefully....loading the drivers for the internet modem and sound card. He thought it would only be around $35.00 to repair it. I hope so, because even though it is a fairly new PC having lots of GB memory, the newer towers are not that I don’t want to spend a bunch on an obsolete XP tower when I could get state of the art technology for a little more. Besides, it’s only going to be used for book keeping, inventory and receipt printing for the gift shop anyway. SPRING IS DEFINITELY HERE!!!!!! Once again we are experiencing the great egg phenomena..... That is where we are buried in eggs as the chickens begin producing 75 to 100 eggs a day. Where are the five to ten people a day, which showed up here throughout the winter, wanting eggs...when we were only getting three dozen a day? Thank God the farmer’s market will soon be starting up again. We are rapidly progressing toward our goals for the summer....hopefully completing all our building projects early this year. We are in perfect position to make that happen right now. We are definitely on schedule and will have lots of time to enjoy summer if we continue to plug away like we presently are. There is little left to do with the raised bed garden.... little left of the run-in shed either. That leaves only finishing up the decorating and stocking of the hospice gift shop. (We have lots of help there when needed) Finally the farm store will take a little time, once the lumber is here, but building the tool shed will be a hobby build that can just be a fun type project as we have time to work on it.....

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